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  1. Adam $10 Donation

    Yes but I've now officially left TF and am now apart of [IRA] so it'll be under that in future.
  2. Adam $10 Donation

    Aren't the UID's always the same? I copy pasted it from one from my last topic. Something must've messed up, i'll re-post my steam ID here: 76561198127379350 Hopefully that works, let me know.
  3. Adam $10 Donation

    Ingame Name: [tf]-Adam ID64: 765611981273793503 Amount: $10 Transaction ID: 1N366384P4753674K i completed this months donations yEET
  4. In-Game Name: Adam Age: 17 Darkside Hours: 104 Why do you want to join the Family: Because I'm willing to show my abilities to TF more than any other clan. Seems well organised and mature, exactly what I'd like to be apart of. Have you read and understand the Gang & Server Rules?: Yes, understood Have you ever watched The Godfather: No but can do so if needed.
  5. APMC Recruitment

    1. In game Username: Adam 2. Player UID/steam id: 765611981273793503. Age: 17 4. Hours played on the Darkside: 56 5. Hours playing Arma: 136 6. Have you been banned from the darkside. If so Why?: No 7. Play style: Can fly and shoot, not the best driver. 8. Why would you like to join APMC: Looking to join a gang and meet new people/community. 9. Previous Gangs: None 10. Have your read an understood both Darkside and APMC Rules: Yes, Understood. 11. Anything else your might like to add: No, Thanks.
  6. Banned for 0 reasons

    I understand, it won't happen again. Many Thanks.
  7. Banned for 0 reasons

    MrBartender. Do I assume at this stage that I'm not unbanned?
  8. Banned for 0 reasons

    In-Game Name: Adam Steam UID 64: 76561198127379350 Reason on Ban Message: Hackers in-game Admin who banned me: Unknown Why this ban was unfair: Around 5am AWST time, hackers joined the game, unknown how many, possibly 2-3. As you can see in this video, it was only the beginning. Also, as you can see in the video, my name, N1B Adam, being me, was killed along with the rest of the lobby. Lastly, as you can hear within the video I said "That's either an Admin or a Hacker". Further into the problem with these hackers, (which I will be soon to get footage for) we, being the the lobby and I, had a few chances to run into a nearby tank and sit inside them with the hackers if not take control to try to get away. Once an admin eventually came on about 15 or so minutes later, he announced that anybody who was in a tank at the time will be banned. I then proceeded to say "I was in a tank but only to run away" and, unfortunately and stupidly followed that up with "If I get banned for just trying to escape, all hell shalt break loose". I understand that was most likely not the right thing to say, seeing as I got Admin Banned about 3 seconds later. At the moment it's unknown who the Admin was that did ban me, and would like for that Admin to respond to this topic regarding an Un-Ban. Supporting evidence (Video only):