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  1. -!-Darkside Life New Pricing-!-

    500k* The economy change was roughly a 20% decrease in the cost of everything
  2. F.S Recruitment

    It brings me some sadness to say that FS has officially disbanded. We started the gang as a group of mates wanting to stay together after TDA split and it was great. But slowly we lost members and it put us in a downward spiral. We decided it was best to leave the gang in a semi-good place not put it on life support and drag it out. Thank you to everyone who was apart of FS and anyone who applied.
  3. F.S Recruitment

    Come chat to myself or Binary in TeamSpeak, just pop into the AFK channel and we will have a chat
  4. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Will this occur at normal auctions or Special Blackmarket auctions?
  5. F.S Recruitment

    Come talk to myself or Binary when you see us online or just pop into the public channel.
  6. F.S Recruitment

    Come talk to myself or Binary when you see us online or just pop into the public channel.
  7. Goreillar Donation

    In game name: F.S | Goreillar Donation amount : $20 Steam 64 ID : http://steamcommunity.com/id/goreillar/home Transaction ID : 6L295429HM965311J 1 Month of Silver please!
  8. F.S Recruitment

    F.S Recruitment is OPEN again. Guidelines are stricter but still apply if you're interested!
  9. Montage Volume I

    One of the best on the server! Been waiting to see the crazy shit you got up too in HE and did not disappoint
  10. TFO Pawnee aimbot

    (Not trying to argue or start flame wars) Video features: TFO Pawnees? Check aimbot? Check accurate title to me
  11. Name change

    hey man consider posting it here for a better chance.
  12. PRESS ABC24 NEWS ?

    The only thing is Meta, you aren't telling specific people you're telling the whole server via a method used for arranging trades. If we're to announce on trade chat that you're selling news stories and then personally message those who pay you, it doesn't sound so bad but that's a completely different thing to what you're suggesting.
  13. Forgotten Soldiers Clan Base Application

    FINAL CHANGES. We've had a player leave us sadly for the time being so we have had to change it, Sorry for the inconvience Eight Chosen Clan Members and SteamID64s: F.S | Goreillar 76561198066910073 F.S | Ben Airy 76561197999743172 F.S | Critical 76561198123539108 F.S | Waffle 76561198054957243 F.S | Kurt Cobain 76561198027558625 F.S | Jacdan07 76561198035581736 F.S | Sung Choi Bao 76561198074486570 F.S | Dylan 76561198153190183
  14. Famous YouTube in the server

    I see we're throwing around the word 'famous' very loosely now.
  15. Empires At War - Other Game

    @ZrMz_x you still gonna try it out? Kidding aside, I agree. I'll keep my eye out for updates man, goodluck