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  1. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    Goreillar or I’ll send more Snapchats
  2. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    It’s alright ladies. If all goes to plan we will get to meet! It’s been good competition so far.
  3. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Does all other sever rules apply include hostage taking? Meaning if we found a enemy clan member unarmed during the war could we still hostage them?
  4. Change Log (21/11/17)

    Will they have some sort of de facto license if their ID is checked to avoid being sprung with tickets?
  5. Hold My Beer

    He hopped the rock, that’s the video man
  6. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Will this occur at normal auctions or Special Blackmarket auctions?
  7. Montage Volume I

    One of the best on the server! Been waiting to see the crazy shit you got up too in HE and did not disappoint
  8. TFO Pawnee aimbot

    (Not trying to argue or start flame wars) Video features: TFO Pawnees? Check aimbot? Check accurate title to me
  9. Name change

    hey man consider posting it here for a better chance.
  10. Famous YouTube in the server

    I see we're throwing around the word 'famous' very loosely now.
  11. Help Desk Results - July 2017

    Congrats to everyone! Looks like the best people were chosen, good luck to all!
  12. New White-listed Officers

    Yes please.
  13. Screenshots

    When you try to Roleplay a Fort Knox
  14. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    1g for the man giving away his money.