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  1. Saviors Recruiting

    Good too finally see an recruitment thread from you lads.
  2. Trade Federation [TRF] Recruitment thread

    Hop into TRF Recruitment channel for a chat
  3. Trade Federation [TRF] Recruitment thread

    Hop into the TRF recruitment channel on teamspeak to do our interview
  4. Verza - Civ Whitelist app

    Don't you have to complete your medic and mechanic questline first?
  5. Trade Federation [TRF] Recruitment thread

    Can always put an order in 😉
  6. Trade Federation Recruitment Business Info Who are we and what do we do: Here at TRF we Specialises in the production of anything that can be made on the Darkside Server that everyone else doesn't have the time to do. As a Business we strive to bring the best prices to the market for our high quality products. At TRF we have very high standards on how people should conduct themselves during Business hours. Our Aim: We aim to control the market on Darkside by bringing affordable merchandise to the population of Altis. We also aim to bring a good Roleplay experience to the Darkside community. What are we looking for: We are looking for enthusiastic employees that have experience with the controls of Arma 3 and know how to conduct themselves according to their role and situation. People that are wanting to be in it for the long run have a higher chance of being accepted into TRF. We are also accepting Members from known gangs of Altis to come and work for us. This doesn't mean that you have to leave your current gang, it only means that whilst you work for us, you work only for us. Similar to the Whitelist Civilian system. Benefits of joining TRF: Employees of TRF will be paid weekly according to their Position in which they are also entitled to bonuses at the end of each week if the Head of their department feels their work has been outstanding. Apart from the pay you will also be experiencing a fun time roleplaying your character and working with an enthusiastic workforce. What positions are available: We have 2 departments within the company and they are the Security department and the crafting department. each department has its own Head who is in charge of operations and also the recruitment into said departments as well. Everyone that applies will start off in a labourer position from which they then can apply to be a Security officer if they think they have the required skills. Paychecks: Each employee will be paid on Sunday of each week. Department Head = $3 mil Senior Operator and Senior Employee = $2.5 mil Operator / Employee = $1.5 mil Labourer = $1 mil Bonus = Up to $5 mil a week, Subject to Management approval Requirements: 1. 14 or older (unless you can prove your mature enough) 2. 20 hours on Darkside and at least 50 hours on Arma 3 itself (this can be wavered if you show us that you know what you are doing) 3. All rules of Darkside must be followed including the rules of TRF (Rules below) 4. Teamspeak and headset with working mic is essential if you wish to apply for Security Rules: 1. Always listen to what your higher ups have to say and follow their orders (even if its wrong, you can later talk to your head of Department or CEO about the incident) 2. Always respect your fellow employees. Banter is perfectly fine as long as it doesn't turn into more then just banter. 3. When you are working for us you are never allowed to do anything hostile against the altis police force or the Darkside Security team even if you have been ordered to. 4. Cargo is always the most importent if we are attacked, because without that cargo it will be impossible to pay you. 5. You must be in Teamspeak during business hours. 6. Always have your [TRF] Tags on when you are working. Current Employees and rank: 09/08/2017 CEO: Hunterz CFO: Bush Wookiz Head of Security: Seth Shadows Senior Operator: Rory Operators: Stijl, Chris (trainee) Head of Production: Tom Stewart Crafter: N/A Miner/Labourer: N/A Casual: JungleBoy Application Form: Please copy and past this below to fill out. In-game name: Steam id: Age: Arma 3 Hours & Darkside hours: Have you read and do you understand the rules of TRF and Darkside Gaming?: Do you understand that this is a Business and not a gang?: Do you have a working Headset? (with Mic): Why do you want to join TRF and also what can you bring to TRF?: Have you ever been banned or kicked from Darkside Gaming servers? (If so why?):
  7. Altis Merchant Guild

    As the President of the Trade Federation I welcome you to the server and look forward to our future dealings. I wish you luck with your business ventures and hope you can get a foot in the door. If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game but don't be surprised if i don't reply instantly cause I am a busy man.
  8. Doing Weed

    *cough* I'll pay you to do mine? *cough* 😂
  9. Doing Weed

    Oh that sounds like the best thing to do while doing stupid taxi missions
  10. Business Update: Adding: [TRF] Rory 76561198355984508 Removing: (Due to Inactivity) [TRF] Roxas 76561198003892507 Employees: [TRF] Hunterz 76561198079454706 [TRF] Bush Wookiz 76561198038377662 [TRF] Tom Stewart 76561198275454993 [TRF] Rory 76561198355984508
  11. Hunterz $90 Donation

    Ingame Name : [TRF] Hunterz Donation amount : $90 for 3 months gold UID : 76561198079454706 Transaction ID : 4WB90699F28149939
  12. Darkside Birthday (Purge - Special - Presents)

    oh thank god I don't have plans for this weekend
  13. Trade Federation [TRF] Recruitment thread

    APPROVED Next chance you get hop into our recruitment channel for a chat
  14. Just a quick question about gangs?

    Hey bud you chucked your application in with me a couple days ago which I've accepted.. I myself have social anxiety so I have no problem whatsoever if you just wanna ease into things.. just makes it easier for you to communicate with us during combat situations that's all.. sadly having a mic is essential to every gang and even on the server itself cause it's heavily used to roleplay.. in saying that if you feel like it's to much for you to handle and you wanna delete your application for TRF then I completely understand and will hold no hard feelings.. I'm also open to trying to help you get through your social anxiety cause I got over it myself without any help and i know how hard and upsetting it can be..
  15. Trade Federation [TRF] Recruitment thread

    APPROVED Hop into our Recruitment Lounge tonight for a chat