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  1. ECS Recruitment

    Approved Pending TS interview
  2. New White-listed Officers

    can i please be added
  3. ECS Recruitment

  4. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    i was prone with bipod up and had my morality was 100%
  5. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    lol i tried to get rid of him but he was persistant. was also being followed by another pubbie in a heli. couldnt shake them im sorry if your dissapointed in half the video being navids only.. those kills all happened withing the hour.. ill try to better myself to make you proud one day
  6. New name for a fresh wipe

    Meh I couldn’t really care less tbh and the boys don’t mind either which is why Doug actually offered to sell one of you FU lads some ill relics.
  7. New name for a fresh wipe

    Do you take check or credit?
  8. Daniel Whitelist Civ App

    WL +1
  9. Joel Whitelist CIV app

    +1 Been playing with him for a while and at every corner his roleplay is better then most people on the server.. there can only be benefits by making him a whitelist civ
  10. Graceful death

    Im pretty sure i have NOSdiction
  11. Clan tags

    i never knew that tbh. thanks for clearing that up lol
  12. Clan tags

    Do the clan tags need to be a specific way? Like would they need to be [RAG], RAG | , |RAG|, (RAG) ?
  13. Shitty minitage haha

    I’m still impressed by that shot dude. Nice “Minitage”