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  1. Hunterz

    Mike's Spitfire Montage

    Can I sign up for some lessons?
  2. Hunterz

    Rikimaru's Time At Cheakpoint 3

    Well now it’s just a matter of time before another “tasers are to op post”
  3. Hunterz

    Ricks III Montage

  4. Hunterz

    M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    Mylez we all know the darkside is like the British empire, you pay for your rank. How much did you pay to be an admin?
  5. Hunterz

    M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    At least my head is big instead of my ego bartender ?
  6. Hunterz

    M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    What the fuck!!!!!! Of fucking course he doesn’t hit you when your running but when it’s me fucking bartender kills me on the second shot!!!!
  7. Hunterz

    How TBE takes out the opposition

    When spray and pray actually works out for you lol ?
  8. Hunterz

    ECS Execution

  9. Hunterz

    Basic Crafting Calculator

    as far as i can see its completely updated. also Cheers for this DeeJai
  10. Hunterz

    Coming home to some cheeky burglars.

    Oh what should he have put the navid away and grabbed a sting from the nearest convenience store?
  11. Hunterz


    Wait... I thought that stuff only happened in kavala?
  12. Hunterz

    Hunterz mini Montage #2

    i was prone with bipod up and had my morality was 100%
  13. Hunterz

    Hunterz mini Montage #2

    lol i tried to get rid of him but he was persistant. was also being followed by another pubbie in a heli. couldnt shake them im sorry if your dissapointed in half the video being navids only.. those kills all happened withing the hour.. ill try to better myself to make you proud one day