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  1. BroadOne

    Clutch Police escape nitro plays

    "We're gonna take the L on this one" Fucking NOSs to the moon.
  2. BroadOne

    SoV | Slaymord's Kill Montage #1

    3:04 literally same for that quest ;p
  3. BroadOne

    Owners (Salacious) Montage 2

    Lmao good on ya that u removed the screaming part from the first song Also that fucking pistol kill on Bobch. I didn't know that happened. I will never let him forget it now
  4. BroadOne

    when u and the cops are lost

    Hardy seemed a bit impaired, might have needed a DUI there.
  5. BroadOne

    KyanCatMeow's Montage #1

    I fucking knew you were going to put me into a montage when I was up there XD. I was ike god damnit no! lmao. Good video.
  6. BroadOne

    Stinky's 1st Montage

    I liked the music for some reason lol. It was very laidback. I didn't know the MRC could penn through sht. I stopped using it after a security tanked like 11 rounds from it. But then again they tanked my 12.7.55 too Really entertaining to watch and good work on the montage.
  7. BroadOne

    Welcome to The Heartless Anarchists (Montage) #2

    That Lilium with rap over it didn't really sit well with me XD. I appreciate the effort that went into this though. We all start out somewhere. Instead of having a whole segment of getting kills. Try and edit it down to just the kills, like in 8:00, could've been done there for example. It will heavily reduced the un-needed spacing in between and make the video more manageable.
  8. BroadOne

    Im the best

    I have no fucking words for what just happened, jesus christ. #ThisIsGonnaBeInAPoliceMeeting knowing when someone isn't a fucking officer
  9. BroadOne

    Pretty Decent Meme

    2:34 "He's not going to be able to hold it to get a shot on you" *Gets fucked 3 seconds later* lmao
  10. BroadOne

    Rustle's Darkside Montage I

    I liked the edits I remember that HMG kill awhile back, the fkin overwolf lit up as you killed them with us celebrating XD, we were being pinned down by that thing.
  11. BroadOne

    Ukas' Darkside Montage

    He has multiple personality disorders. We are helping him with extensive treatment.
  12. BroadOne

    DSPD | Going Undercover | Short Film

    What a meme. If only you had a clip loaded into the pistol.
  13. BroadOne

    Ukas' Darkside Montage

    That clean shot on Papi tho.
  14. BroadOne

    Shit Dec (FUNNY)

    That is US servers in a nutshell. Only usually there is no dec. (Why I don't fucking play on those shit fests)
  15. BroadOne

    Mike Airlines

    Fucking how are you alive?
  16. BroadOne

    The day the cops did as they were told

    MY new favorite clip.
  17. BroadOne

    R.I.P Big Fella

    Same but it happened to me during a taxi mission lol.
  18. BroadOne

    ArmA 3: DarkSide - Kill Montage #2

    Oh bro the memories. I remember that rebel convoy that ended up as a huge firefight between the entire force of APMC and APD with like 10 minutes to restart. Ended with no completion and no destroy so we called it a draw ;P That was an epic fight tho. 3:24 btw.
  19. BroadOne

    TFO | Ghostface's Darkside Montage #8

    "Nice sirens dickhead" *Pens through the tower and strider, kills Hypnotic* LMAO
  20. That was clean AF, not gonna lie lol.
  21. BroadOne

    Frame targ

    That last clip got me dead. RIP @CuckyRedge LMAO
  22. BroadOne

    Mongoose's Bloodlust

    It's ok, if you guys ever loose money from a knockout just remember that last wipe I was known to some rebels as "Mr. 3.5" cause I got knocked out on Agia Stemma with 3.5 Mil on me.
  23. BroadOne

    Helpme's CH1 Jump

    That scared tf out of me. Hunter out of fkin nowhere, was on the other side lol XD. #NextLevelCheckpointStrats
  24. BroadOne


    *Instantly starts laughing at it* (Instantly regrets it as the pod flies into the other heli)
  25. BroadOne

    Fliqqs Funnies V

    I have the recording of our end. lmao. "Fliqqs Disconnected" (TimedOut) ""Salami Disconnected" "#FuckFliqqs Connected" LMAO