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  1. Mike Airlines

    Fucking how are you alive?
  2. The day the cops did as they were told

    MY new favorite clip.
  3. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Good fight FU. Final Count FU 100 CoSW 44
  4. R.I.P Big Fella

    Same but it happened to me during a taxi mission lol.
  5. ArmA 3: DarkSide - Kill Montage #2

    Oh bro the memories. I remember that rebel convoy that ended up as a huge firefight between the entire force of APMC and APD with like 10 minutes to restart. Ended with no completion and no destroy so we called it a draw ;P That was an epic fight tho. 3:24 btw.
  6. TFO | Ghostface's Darkside Montage #8

    "Nice sirens dickhead" *Pens through the tower and strider, kills Hypnotic* LMAO
  7. Get these mof**kn cops out my mof**kn faction.

    That was clean AF, not gonna lie lol.
  8. Frame targ

    That last clip got me dead. RIP @CuckyRedge LMAO
  9. Mongoose's Bloodlust

    It's ok, if you guys ever loose money from a knockout just remember that last wipe I was known to some rebels as "Mr. 3.5" cause I got knocked out on Agia Stemma with 3.5 Mil on me.
  10. Helpme's CH1 Jump

    That scared tf out of me. Hunter out of fkin nowhere, was on the other side lol XD. #NextLevelCheckpointStrats
  11. Unlucky

    *Instantly starts laughing at it* (Instantly regrets it as the pod flies into the other heli)
  12. Fliqqs Funnies V

    I have the recording of our end. lmao. "Fliqqs Disconnected" (TimedOut) ""Salami Disconnected" "#FuckFliqqs Connected" LMAO
  13. Fliqqs Funnies V

    Ending of the video. I'm still fucking dying.
  14. Day 7 War Update

  15. Montage and Funny Moments #2

    You don't understand the amount of clips I have of CoSW on CoSW air collisions while strafing the same target. Makes for quite a good series of memes.