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  1. Darkside APD at it's finest.

    I 100% agree with this i think it should have its own set of rules to avoid something like this happening again.
  2. Darkside APD at it's finest.

    you just haaaad to knock me out eh?
  3. A Darkside Moments

    The memories :(((((
  4. Screenshots

    nuf said
  5. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    now where is the police dlc ;3
  6. How it feels to chew 5 Gum - Darkside

    *caugh* *caugh* blackfish *caugh*
  7. Damian. Kill Montage

    Thatsssss me :#
  8. Damian. Kill Montage

    Fake news
  9. Mike's Darkside Mini Meme Compilation

    Dead memes are dank memes ;3
  10. Doggin' the boys

    Lol i remember that it was all thanks to my pro driving skillz :3
  11. New White-listed Officers

    Needs to be added thanks.