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  1. RoyaL

    Montage Vol II

    True wouldn't be too hard i guess.
  2. RoyaL

    Montage Vol II

    The 500m rpg shots. Impressive Nice vid
  3. RoyaL

    Old School Videos

  4. RoyaL

    Salami - Darkside Montage #5

    This guys on fire and hes only just getting started ! Self promotion i like it Salamis montage was more "crisp" tho soz
  5. RoyaL

    TFO | Luke - Kill Montage #2

    Ya know some spray and pray in there but shell be right luke noice kills That scream tho
  6. Threatening to use the footage of them breaking rules unless they unrestraint you isn't good rp there. other than that nice shots
  7. RoyaL

    Ghostface's Darkside Montage #5

    @Luke 2:55 hahahah So cooked nice kills my dude
  8. RoyaL

    Server down

    Server is now up
  9. RoyaL

    Server down

    I assume the server will be back up once an admin becomes available so It should be up in the next couple of hours
  10. Not sure about that , haven't heard of it. I would put in a bug report through the y tab so that if it is a bug it can get fixed.
  11. faa good shooting , that shot on zrmz_x in the heli
  12. RoyaL

    Edward | Darkside Life Moments #1

    Nice vid bro , some good shooting in their
  13. RoyaL

    RoyaLs | Royal Montage #1

    yeah a couple from old altis to fill the gaps. and cheers
  14. RoyaL

    RoyaLs | Royal Montage #1

    wow thanks