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    Bad Module Info Fix

    No, it was affecting people on other Windows versions aswell, was likely just a bug with 64 bit Battleye - also anyone who considered uninstalling/reinstalling Windows to try fix the issue are not very smart since we all knew it would only be a few hours until the issue was fixed. In regards to 64 bit working again it seems to work fine for everyone so switch back to 64 bit or expect the 4 frame glitch/game crashes etc.
  2. HA | moose

    Bad Module Info Fix

    Change your Arma 3 to 32 bit instead of 64, seems to fix the issue for most people. EDIT: Reminder that this is a band-aid fix and once Bohemia fix the issue you should change back to 64 bit.
  3. HA | moose

    Montage2 just a quick one

    I was on a drone, I lay like that so my character doesn't do the moving animation which means people can't exploit and shoot my body sticking through the walls