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    Shadow play machine broke as I shot down the 666 armed blackfish...
  2. When LSD does CP3

  3. FizZe The Return

    Like the specs man, I do think that 2 1080's is overkill though I have 1 and I'm running 100-110 fps consistently...
  4. http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/forum/72-compensation-requests/
  5. Did it say 'mission failed' and the screen blacked out, or did ot say 'session lost'? If it said session lost then it is a server issue and you can get comp'd. (If you make a comp request and hopefully have a video) If it said mission failed then it's a game issue and you probably can't get comp'd which is a fat rip...
  6. Meme Page

    My 'Ni🅱🅱a' would never say such a thing.
  7. Saviors Recruiting

  8. Martial Law

  9. Martial Law

    Well played good sir!
  10. We are the new protectors of the highway!!

    Kav trolls have evolved...
  11. Meme Page

    @Guardian Hopefully not true for long... P.S. Made on Snapchat because why not.
  12. A Darkside Moments

    Nice vid man!
  13. Ghasttear1 - Whitelist Civ App

    +1 I know he knows that I know that you know your shit buddy.
  14. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    Classic F.S. talk .