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  1. Y i D

    server ddos?

    someone found a good toughguy.jpg online I guess
  2. Y i D

    Mike's Adventures Episode 3

  3. Y i D

    Whats that you hear behind you?

    A message to all Criminals. Use a heli.
  4. Y i D

    Mike's Montage (urmomgay)

    shut up hav gay
  5. Y i D

    Owners (Salacious) Montage 2

    3:03 Quite the feed
  6. Y i D

    Ricks III Montage

    Mk200? What gang are you in? Skyz? (Jk fellas luv u)
  7. Y i D

    Ricks III Montage

    2:55 smh @Imposing what are these autistic appearances you keep on making.
  8. Y i D

    Fliqqs a shout out to my old friend

    4:35 Mechanic troll nos's into cop car... typical.
  9. Y i D

    Rick Harrisons RPG Montage

    I'd love to english but sorry I don't
  10. Y i D

    Rick Harrisons RPG Montage

    R E U S E D C L I P S nice shots though
  11. Y i D

    Ricks First Montage

    First montage I've seen dedicated to killing CoSW
  12. Y i D

    HA comms

    Thanks to @OPx for the video.
  13. @OPx @Imposing @Salacious The power of the rahim is strong with this one