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  1. Name Changes

    YoVixes to Helpme cheers, big fella
  2. A Darkside Moments

    it was just a meme I don't think ur editing is trash lmao
  3. A Darkside Moments

    dude this is the hottest and spiciest shit i have seen so far, the editing is amazing better then @MrBartender, gg owner
  4. A Darkside Moments

    omg this is hot
  5. New White-listed Officers

    add me please bb, just got cadet its Helpme
  6. Unban Dispute

    yay owner, we can play again together, ya cutiepie
  7. CoSW Recuitment

    What is your in-game name? Helpme How old are you? 16 What is the total hours acquired on Darkside? 300hrs How many hours do you have on Arma 3? 2.5k What brings you to CoSW? Im loonking for an active gang, that I can meet new friends and have a great time What is your preferred playstyle? I am comfortable with anything, however, I would like to play close quarters or snipe if possible. Do you feel that your understanding and knowledge of the rules is at a somewhat high level of expectation? My understanding of the rules is at a high level, because I am a whitelisted ciivilian Were you apart of any previous gangs? If so list them: AMG SYS 187 What is your bank balance, and do you acquire islands or sub divisions? 20mil, 2 islands and 2 subs
  8. +1 good roleplay and cute
  9. Adrian Kill Montage

    nice kills bud.
  10. [Hoes]-R1c0 Unban

    tbh buddy, I suggest you don't bump your ban appeal less then 2hrs after you posted it.
  11. Osama Bin Laden - Civ App

    +. Played with him a bit, would be a great whitelist civilian.
  12. Darkside cops

    I'm famous, you were shooting me in my zamak on salt fields.
  13. Darkside - A new start!

    guessing it was just a prank?
  14. Tell them to repost here thanks, I don't think they will because I have only played with LSD once.