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  1. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    helpme' ty mike
  2. the shot at 2:49 was pre nutty
  3. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    I would like to ask a question, if TFO were to lose first round would they take 5th spot in the clan war considering they won the last one? Is that how it works...
  4. [CoSW] Lachlan's Kill Compilation

    uh, where is the song credit? I told you about that song boi @Lachlan
  5. YiD's Break

    cya boi
  6. Ninja defuse uce

  7. I have returned, but lost everything?

    everyone got reset, its called a server wipe.
  8. stimpee

    I love that guy he’s fukn hilarious
  9. Smashed in the head

    we get it big owner, u have dank skills in arma 3, you should turn professional. na I’m joking u actually slam dunked him ok, I luved it
  10. Hunterz Mini Montage

    lit montage ma dude
  11. Graceful death

    Your body must have been shot into space.
  12. Clan tags

  13. When using a GCU

    nice meme