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  1. Smashed in the head

    we get it big owner, u have dank skills in arma 3, you should turn professional. na I’m joking u actually slam dunked him ok, I luved it
  2. Hunterz Mini Montage

    lit montage ma dude
  3. Graceful death

    Your body must have been shot into space.
  4. Clan tags

  5. When using a GCU

    nice meme
  6. website

    does anybody think this site looks like pornhub? as in the colour scheme and stuff. Anybody agree?
  7. Bye

    good vid bud
  8. A Tribute To CoSW

    rip cosw, great vid tho
  9. all altis life youtubers are just trolls lmao
  10. Fallen Trolls Combined (FTC) Recruitment

    gl lads
  11. Name Changes

    YoVixes to Helpme cheers, big fella
  12. A Darkside Moments

    it was just a meme I don't think ur editing is trash lmao
  13. A Darkside Moments

    dude this is the hottest and spiciest shit i have seen so far, the editing is amazing better then @MrBartender, gg owner
  14. A Darkside Moments

    omg this is hot
  15. New White-listed Officers

    add me please bb, just got cadet its Helpme