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  1. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    Netch plz bby pik me
  2. Server Menu Problems

    lololol yeah think its time for new monitor
  3. Server Menu Problems

    im playing around with it now but nothing seems to be 100% perfect I'm on 16:9 normal at 1360x768
  4. Server Menu Problems

    my bad didn't see the actual section this should have been posted in
  5. Server Menu Problems

    Got a problem where the text on some of the server menus are cut off. It doesn't look like much, but can be a bit of a problem when you cant read what you have to do for your next quest. Others have also had this problem, I've had civs ask me to help with gun license tests because they were unable to see the text. This problem isn't new, I've had it since the first time I joined the server, but have only just gotten around to try and fix it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. Change Log (8th October 2017)

    god bless you
  7. When using a GCU

    god dammit BT
  8. Kajman Above

    😂😂 yeah that was fucking hilarious. Wish I recorded it.
  9. Name Changes

    Forums: 'Barry Netch' to just 'Netch' please. Thanks!
  10. New White-listed Officers

    Can I please be added. Thanks!
  11. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Yes plz count me in
  12. Name Changes

    'BettyNetch' to 'Barry Netch' I've been asked to many times about who did my surgery. I'm a dude by the way. Thanks m8