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  1. FizZe

    Mike's Darkside Kill Montage 2

    GREAT montage my duuuuuuude!
  2. sorry about shitty water mark
  3. FizZe

    |TDA| Mike's Darkside Montage

    Boi i nutted pretty hard good kills
  4. FizZe

    FizZe Owns Weather Station!?

    Already sorted m8 but cheers for trying to help
  5. FizZe

    FizZe Owns Weather Station!?

    is it possible for me to get some kind of comp from this?
  6. um I bought this bungalow when the DB wipe first happend when there was an Oil mine there now my house is gone and its been replaced by a weather station. I need to talk to an admin for compensation plz
  7. FizZe

    Guardian | Kill Montage 7

    Spicy montage
  8. FizZe

    Don't Tempt Me

    Salami is my daddy <3
  9. FizZe

    Rad's Radical Sniping Montage #3

  10. FizZe

    M y l e Z | Montage #1

    nice montage here good editing and some good kills, keep up good work
  11. FizZe

    Ghostface's Montage #7

    noooo seriously? nooooooooo scream 2k17
  12. FizZe

    how to complete your fort quest

    lel ez quests
  13. FizZe

    ROCA Stijl Tage

    I love that black screen at the end
  14. FizZe

    Jedifool - Montage 2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    nice stock image of carrots good montage my dude