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  1. Basically every hostage ever Rebel > Be Chasing the hostage forever Cop > Be running and then dying before they can take you hostage Most other times Rebel > Shot in face Or Cop > Taken hostage and then teamkilled in restraints
  2. Wait so who was the other guy?
  3. Ofc lol. Best one was the martial law one
  4. Back at it again with the memes bois Please dont kill me if u h8 this Thx @Spud and @Jager for giving me ideas
  5. When a hacker blows up the server https://gyazo.com/f55c490a4e0d29b68dbf83b120c3f123
  6. ShockyC


    I cant tell if you have really bad frames or its my youtube. Good vid tho
  7. @Guardian Many people complained after I put you as one of the people who got massive killstreaks so I put you as insta kill As for @Salami I can probably try to do that next time
  8. I took a long time to make this but a bad choice of a video so it might be terrible Oh well enjoy.
  9. It was at this moment that shocky realised, he fucked up
  10. I swear I waste so much of my life on this shit
  12. ShockyC

    Martial Law

    Had to reupload because i forgot to put in TNR
  13. You look around before you enter kos zone?
  14. You killed meh. I WAS A PUBBIE #OffenseTakenJK
  15. I have the worst colleagues. I was yelling at them to look at the main building and they kept saying nobody was there
  16. That is 10/10. Especially that vtol kill
  17. Items needed : -Backpack/inventory that can carry up to 60 weight or more -A car that can hold lots of cargo [Eg. offroad, truck] if you want to get a lot of batches -(OPTIONAL) A weapon most preferably as the processing area for weed is in a KOS Zone (RISKY) -(OPTIONAL) If you DO NOT have a weed processing license you must bring 7500$ to buy one later. (RISKY) Step 1 : You want to go to the weed field just above Zaros or to the right of Kavala. There you will plant weed which will grow for 32 seconds (wait for 32 seconds) and then you will harvest them in batches of 10 UNPROCESSED weed each (1 batch = 10 weed) . You need an inventory that can hold 60 weight for 1 batch and a vehicle with big storage if you want loads of batches. Step 2 : Make your way to Gang Hideout 1 with your UNPROCESSED weed. There you will process your weed (You require a license/training to process weed which costs $7500 once you have CAPTURED the flag at the area). You must capture the flag in order to process weed but be careful as whoever owns the area will be notified of your presence. Next after you captured the flag you want to start processing the weed in the building next to the flag at the 2nd floor. Step 3 : Once processed make your way to the closest ILLEGAL GOODS TRADER (To the left of Gang Hideout 1) and sell your weed. Tadaaaaa. You now know how to do Weed! Comment if I left any mistakes!
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