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  1. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Well this is going to be rather interesting. Lets see which one is gonna start spamming Gunships
  2. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    Fuuuuuck no Fuck this Fuck that I have 2 options Darkside grind to have fun Or study for exams that could ruin my life if I fail

    Wait for those Kav trolls to come in their Sports Hatchbacks
  4. WL Civ Promotions - 05-09-17

    kekland. rip security l2. time to play more security instead of cop
  5. Screenshots

    When a hacker blows up the server https://gyazo.com/f55c490a4e0d29b68dbf83b120c3f123
  6. How it feels to chew 5 gum

    Just a short meme for fun
  7. CoSW Tribute

  8. Bye

    I cant tell if you have really bad frames or its my youtube. Good vid tho
  9. Terrorist Missions in Darkside

    @Guardian Many people complained after I put you as one of the people who got massive killstreaks so I put you as insta kill As for @Salami I can probably try to do that next time
  10. I took a long time to make this but a bad choice of a video so it might be terrible Oh well enjoy.
  11. Fallen Trolls Combined (FTC) Recruitment

    This is something I approve of
  12. My memez

    Rip. Postponing meme upload to next wednesday because im really busy
  13. Screenshots

    It was at this moment that shocky realised, he fucked up
  14. Company of Scally Wags - Thankyou

    Sad to see one of the oldest gangs go. CosW was one of the gangs I actually considered friendly and good. But to see them disband and break because of a probably horrible arguement is even worse.