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  1. My Inactivity

    To whom it may concern or whoever reads this for fun. My name's ShockyC LSD Member It may have seemed that I have gone massively inactive recently, this is due to the fact that my hols have ended and my school decided to intensify my school hours from 6 to 8-10 hours. And also because of parental reasons and my shiet grades I am restricted to playing only on Fri,Sat,Sun. I will do my best to be online as much as possible on the weekends but I can't guarantee anything because I have things that come up on weekends too like a outdoor adventure camp or massive amounts of tuition. I will try to commit though. The fact that I failed 4 exams means I need to lessen my time on my computer and focus on my studies. Demote/remove me from anything if you feel I need it. I understand if you do but don't give me a harsh note Cheers to those that see this.
  2. WL Civ Promotion 06-07-17

  3. Arma 3: Malden 2035

    An island with nothing but an airstrip [LSD CLAN BASE DIBS]
  4. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

  5. Giveaway Time?

    Or you can spam Paper's Please GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA
  6. Whitelisted-civ application

    I recommend you don't bump every 2hours/day. But +1 for the description
  7. Noah needs a new name

    God fkin damn it scorpiox
  8. [Darkside Life] Guardian | Kill Montage 4 FIXED

    You killed meh. I WAS A PUBBIE #OffenseTakenJK
  9. Basic Crafting Calculator

  10. New White-listed Officers

    Need to be added please
  11. dersch- civ whitelist app

    Im sorry but I gotta -1. That statement above proves you have negative attitude and you also have bad roleplay
  12. CalypsoMoon Civ WhiteList App

    +1 Good roleplay Good maturity Good guy 11/10 would +1 again
  13. Sticks and Stones Crafting Recruitment

    Requirments: Team Speak 3 (You must be able to talk) Own at least 1 transporting vehicle (Any vehicle with a storage capacity equal to or above a Zamak Transport) Own an Auto Miner (This is not required but helps your application a TON) Application: Worker In Game Name: ShockyC TS3 Name: ShockyC Hours on Darkside: 122 Are you currently on our blacklist?: Nope Why do you think you should be a worker for SAS?: I've taken a break from illegal activities and doing a lot of legal work like mining and crafting lately. I have an Autominer, A Mohawk, a Hemitt Box. All of which are upgraded. I know where to get certain materials and how to craft most of them too. Do you own an Auto Miner (Tempest Device)?: Yes Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?: I'm in LSD so of course I have to go from time to time but if possible I can dedicate time to SaS.
  14. The Great Escape

    I have the worst colleagues. I was yelling at them to look at the main building and they kept saying nobody was there
  15. [APO] BMan White-List Civ. App.

    +1 Great rp as pub cop. Im sure you can do the same here