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  1. joeybruho

    a3 montage

    i can assure you that not many people are happy, AU servers are dying. The admins don't even play the game; and cater the server to how THEY like it. Shits corrupt
  2. joeybruho

    a3 montage

    HAHA yeah man very true. some screenshots from when i wasnt banned from AU
  3. joeybruho

    a3 montage

    @Lynxaa There probably only bout a week old, i'm perm banned from Aussie servers so i have to play on the European servers at night.
  4. joeybruho

    a3 montage

    idk just threw it together
  5. joeybruho

    im so retarded

    ;/ I just joined the server as it started and had no idea we were suppose to ram it lmao.
  6. joeybruho

    Shot of the year?

    Have a look at me koth montages aswell, get some mint shots in kajmans and jets.
  7. joeybruho

    MrBartender - Darkside Moments 26

    amazing edit my dude