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  1. New cop type (Discuss)

    Would the stats, let just say tickets in this example, be shared between normal patrol officer and cop, so if am on the issue 20 tickets on cop quest, would be getting tickets on patrol go towards it ?
  2. Meme Page

    -Fliqqs has log on cop- Police force- "Click"
  3. The Night Riders Official Recruitment Thread

    OMG fuck me dead, He did it, The phoenix has risen My new fav gang now, best of the luck for the boys
  4. Singing Angel

    When Harlstar has one too many glasses of whiskey, and ends up forcing kids to sing This is gold
  5. How to be a Radar & Jet God

  6. |TDA| The Devils -New Official Thread-

  7. TDA, End of a Era

    Yeah it was a hard choice to make, Your words do mean a lot @Huntah, But sadly like you said...shit happens, but we look forward to a better future on the server
  8. TDA, End of a Era

    Hello, goodbye come out in 1967 I was born in 1999, soooooo 32 years late
  9. TDA, End of a Era

    What eveyone has been looking forward too hahah
  10. Meme Page

    Thought I would post this before anyone else did hahahah
  11. TDA, End of a Era

    Due to the cards that have been dealt on our table, It come with much regret that TDA will be closing down shop, The gang was a tight bunch of lads that had a laugh and overall enjoyed getting on. We did have our moments which did cause a bad reputation which all gang members had to carry on their backs, In which I personal apologise for. Some of you might be happy that the gang you hated for so long has finial "fucked off", But just keep in mind that people put a lot of effort into try to make this gang a great gang, So thank you to @Outlaw and @Special for putting so much effort into the gang. Also thanks to TFO for the countless little wars we had with each other, Might of been annoying but everyone got some good laughs out of it. So to close it out, TDA will be closing down for good and we look towards the future to see what comes of us.
  12. |TDA| The Devils -New Official Thread-

    Official Member list 5/7/2017 Updates will be posted every Sunday Gang Leader |TDA| Big Boss Faisal Senior Members |TDA| Critical |TDA| Dylan |TDA| Binary Members |TDA| Mike |TDA| Rookie |TDA| Waffle |TDA| Frank Ocean |TDA| Goreillar |TDA| Owner |TDA| Binary |TDA| Sung Choi Bao |TDA| Magic |TDA| Joness Trials |TDA-T| Potatoz
  13. The Devil's Angels Gang Rules: 1) Follow ALL Server Rules, If you break one you will receive a warning, and after multiple you will be asked to leave the gang 2) Forward Any Issues that Occur to a more experienced member, they will go to Helpdesk 3) Avoid Declaring on everyone you see, do not shoot unless fired upon. NO DECS AT REBEL NORTH OR SOUTH. NO DECS AT RANDOM GANGS 4) Civilians doing legal missions are to be avoided and ignored unless provoked initially 5) Members must respect one another and take into account play styles and ranks 6) New members must Respect the older members / earn respect before trying to 'call shots' 7) No Declaring unless mutually agreed upon, all major decisions are made as a gang 8) DO NOT enter the 'kavala strip' unless doing legal missions or told otherwise 9) Tags Must Be Worn At All Times If any of these rules are broken at any point in time then you will face the consequences of being Kicked or receiving a warning. Recruitment Information: 40+ Hours needs to be acquire before applying (you can check your hours in the 'Y' Menu) You need to be 16+ to apply, This is because we feel as a gang we work best with mature players, but if you can prove to have a mature attitude towards members and during operations then you can be an exception The two phases are Trial, which can goes for 2 weeks, and Member , When you are given full gang tags and able to apply for Clan base roaster. Applications will be approved within 2 days, If its been 2 days and you have heard no response, join the public Teamspeak channel and we will have a look at your application. Goal: The goal of the new TDA is still have have fun with your mates, but when it comes to crunch time, We are going to get stuff done. We are a close group of mates that are open to anyone that shares those same values, and if not, don't waste our time. No members get left behind, If one member gets left behind, We all go down trying to help a mate out. Application Form (Copy and paste with answers, with detail!) In Game Username: Link to Steam Profile: Totals Hours On Darkside/Arma: Age: Play Style: Why Do You Want to Join TDA?: What Can You Bring To TDA?: Have You Read and Understood both Darkside and Gang Rules?: List Any Bans(Ban reason and Ban time):
  14. Taking time off

  15. Taking time off

    I have decided after the events of today that I might take a break for a while, I have been playing on Darkside since Feb and I just feel so mentally drained after today and personally sick of the backstabbing. Am not leaving so dont start crying because YA BOY FRANK OCEAN is leaving. But I reckon a couple of days off just to come to terms with everything and try to find motivation to play again. Ill be back on soon, see ya till then, if anyone cares