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  1. Frank Ocean

    Salty Children - Exposed

    Is this meme allowed now?
  2. Frank Ocean

    Sling load modded cars

    Alright no worries then Cheers!
  3. Frank Ocean

    Sling load modded cars

    Just wondering if not being able to sling load with a taru with the new mod cars is only due to the mod, or if its a server side change? thanks xoxoxoxo
  4. Frank Ocean

    TFO Pawnee aimbot

  5. Frank Ocean

    Martial Law

    This needs to be in a made into a film, actually the funniest shit I have seen all week Obviously @Luke Cage will be on lethal
  6. Frank Ocean

    Need some help

    Alright Ill try that now Yeah I am
  7. Frank Ocean

    Need some help

    Its hard to google because there are so many causes for that error, so its hard to find the right one for mine
  8. Frank Ocean

    Need some help

    I'll try that now
  9. Frank Ocean

    Need some help

    I have just tried opening arma without the laurcher but keep getting battle eye kick
  10. Frank Ocean

    Need some help

    Talks about missing .net files, but reinstalled it and still doesn't work..
  11. Frank Ocean

    Need some help

    Done that and still doesnt want to open
  12. Frank Ocean

    Need some help

    So for for a whole week am been trying to fix arma so i can just open the game, so I thought I might aswell ask just in case this has ever happen to anyone I have tried the following, Reinstalling Arma 3 Verifying the Integrity of Game Files Updating windows 7 Restarting PC and I have sent this to Arma 3 support but probs wont a response for a while, Until I can get this fixed I cant play Arma 3 at all
  13. Frank Ocean

    Mike's Darkside Mini Meme Compilation

    Ft. Franks mum
  14. Frank Ocean

    Singing Angel

    When Harlstar has one too many glasses of whiskey, and ends up forcing kids to sing This is gold
  15. Frank Ocean

    Haggis Montage 9

    @PapaSmurf @Sam Hyde @Outlaw Should get my mum on TS to roast you guys