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  1. Cody1996

    Another Shit Montage

    @Salami he done copied your song >:|
  2. Cody1996

    Solid First Day on Tanoa

    That’s one way to star jump
  3. Cody1996

    Hyena boi

    Zesty bait for the gorgon that followed slowly behind
  4. Cody1996


    How tho???
  5. Cody1996

    Welcome to Kavala

    Maybe you upload the whole video so we can investigate what the whole arguement was about??
  6. Cody1996

    FU Zachs at kore gas with a pawnee

    Well that was entertaining
  7. Cody1996

    Welcome to The Heartless Anarchists (Montage)

    that exploit @1:18 tho -.-
  8. Cody1996

    Ninja defuse uce

    you'll top mine one day (:
  9. Cody1996


    I think we need a Breathalyzer in here.
  10. Cody1996

    Smashed in the head

    Oneday you will achieve the Marksman rank (:
  11. Cody1996

    Kill montages a PSA (and a spicy surprise)

    Those knees must not have any blood circulation
  12. Cody1996

    Darkside APD at it's finest.

    take into consideration, every person on that faction can flog 2 cops around, no defence or reinforcements, i don't see why they didn't use the knowledge they have and not sit there for 15 minutes doing a raid that wasn't gonna be possible.
  13. Cody1996

    Darkside APD at it's finest.

    why was there only 2 cops raiding it?
  14. Cody1996

    RAG tried to take me hostage at Rebel South

    No it's not lol, they had all intentions to hostage him, he reacted in self defence in a very fantastic way
  15. Cody1996

    The Average CP 1 Pub Cop

    Hahaha How do we get possessed with these, It clearly stats *Security* before there name haha