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  1. Ban Appeal

  2. Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: Alfred King aka Raymond Reddington aka Squeaky Steam UID 64: 76561198107530663 Reason on Ban Message: TROLL-PERM The admin who banned me: ZrMz_x Why do you want to be unbanned?: While I do think the ban was fair I completely regret getting my self-banned I've only realised now how much time I spent on the server, all the lies I said to get out of punishments and how I would always gloat and boast about everything, I feel like a real asshole now that I think about it, when I first got banned I was like "Idc this server is bad anyways" and I went onto a new server, but since then I was always mad that I got myself banned from this server, I had a lot of good friends on this server and I loved this server, I would like to personally apologise to all the grief I've given to people on this server and especially the 2 admins I pissed of a lot (Huntah and ZrMz_x) While it may take some time to forgive me I hope sooner or later I can be forgiven, Kind Regards, E PS: THIS WOULD BE MY LAST CHANCE IF I DID GET UNBANNED
  3. Ban Dispute (CL)

    In-Game Name: Alfred King Aka [NADF] Pvt.Squeaky Steam UID 64: 76561198107530663 Reason on Ban Message: [ZrMz_x] Combat Logging Admin who banned me: ZrMz_x Why this ban was unfair: My computer has been very bad lately and its been crashing quite regularly it crashed in pygros so i came back on the server and respawned in athira and went to continue my journey and i started to be chased by cops. i went to shoot the cop that then went to arrest me and then my game crashed came back on to the server and straight onto the ts to sort things out when i was already banned and if you wish to penalize me by losing gear or serving jail time i completely understand for your case as i would have been sent to jail for 30 mins anyways. I hope we can sort things out as it is a very big topic and i enjoy playing on this server and i have just joined in a group on darkside, Kind Regards, Squeaky Supporting evidence (Video only): None

    I thought it was a permanent ban, Anyways thank you for your response Huntah and I appreciate it, What ever decision NoLegs makes I'm sure it will be the right one, Kind Regards, Ray

    In-Game Name: Raymond Reddington Steam UID 64: 76561198107530663 Reason on Ban Message: Combat logging 3D Admin who banned me: NoLegs Why this ban was unfair: Now I can understand why NoLegs has banned me but I've been a victim of the cyclone in queensland. The disconnections are constant due to the floods caused by the cyclone, a lot of people have been evacuated but since we have been trapped for the past couple of days due to the roads been torn in half by the cyclone we don't have much to do, so I start playing some arma 3, it was only 5 hours we fled to FIJI so we could get away, New Zealand was also flooded due to backlash, now if you don't want to unban me that's fine but please consider what is happening and if you want to ban me for a week I understand, and yes I do have a note and a kick for NLR but those have been resolved but I hope you do take me into consideration and if I get a couple hours of jail time or probation on the server that's fine as long as I can enjoy it, Kind Regards, Ray Supporting evidence (Video only): https://www.bing.com/news/search?q=cyclone+debbie&FORM=HDRSC6 PS: On a serious note I hope any affected people of what has happened have my Sincere Condolences