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  1. Rex


  2. Rex

    REX Multiplying Hacker

    Soz left my hacks on
  3. Rex


    I'm sure Nathan appreciates everybody starting a flame war on his post
  4. Rex

    The Zerg Has arrived

  5. Rex

    Shot of the year?

    Here is my amazing kill Never get frags nevermind
  6. Rex

    Want A Balloon

    This is weird
  7. Rex

    What the FACK are you made off ??!

    Or he is British so he is a laggy cunt
  8. Rex

    AKM Is Cooked

    A montage I actually enjoyed watching.
  9. Rex

    Mike shooting cunts

    Nice navid kills...
  10. Rex

    Clickers Montage of Potato Skill

    Close Range Sharp Shooter?
  11. I take it back, I was never as bad as Keagan
  12. Rex

    Montage IV

    God is that you?
  13. Rex

    I Need A Hero

    1 Minute Silence
  14. Rex

    Being farmed by TBE

    Ill explain it right now, and saying FU ( I was playing with them at the time ) love sniping pubs is a strong allegation. I already explained why I was up there and it was a group of 5 people declared on us at Georgetown I proceeded to go to the skyscraper and kill them after they constantly broke NLR, The pubs and the only whitelisted officer came down and responded to us, So we killed them too. Now lets keep this post back on topic.