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  1. Darkside Life (Mods)

    I know it's a private mod but from the screenshots above he got some mods I don't and I downloaded the heli and the gun one
  2. Darkside Life (Mods)

    Like it has already been stated there is going to be a P A C K with all the mods in it
  3. Darkside Life (Mods)

  4. Darkside Life (Mods)

    \ This here was also shown in the steam workshop mod for the gun pack will this be a feature?
  5. Darkside Life (Mods)

    You're a god....
  6. Shit Dec (FUNNY)

    Anyone else think the backpack he had looks like a lunchbox?
  7. Happy New Year Darkside!

    Wish I was there,
  8. Fight for Right | Montage | M y l e Z

    Good shit!
  9. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    [TNB]KyaN , Thanks for hosting the raffle!
  10. Cheeky Suspect Spoiling Movies

    That's not what he meant he was referring to the star wars spoilers
  11. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    If you can KOS them I don't see why not
  12. ArmA 3: DarkSide - Kill Montage #2

    Did nobody read the text at the beginning?
  13. Change Log (11/11/2017)

    Sounds good, gonna be purposely be sent to jail to test this out!