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  1. Green

    Weirdest Bug Yet?

  2. Green

    How TBE takes out the opposition

    Good to see you guys out of Rebel Outposts! Nice Kill
  3. Green

    Oh yeah nah cuz

    WTF that is so good! 500m APDS Lynx.
  4. Green

    sick cunt shit

    Love that flick shot
  5. Green

    Darkside Moments #28

  6. Green

    Fucked up

  7. Green

    ArmA 3: DarkSide - Kill Montage #2

    It’s better than your last montage where you knocked people out then killed them... but still a fair few pubcop kills.
  8. Green


    Probably because you are 13,393 km away from Australia. Many people trying to connect from the UK/Europe have bad ping due to the server being in Australia.
  9. Green

    S P E E D

    “It’s for the great port forwarding and legal movies”
  10. Green

    Mike's Darkside Kill Montage 3

    Loads of Armed Ceaser cinematic shots but no actual kills with it?
  11. Green

    Haggis - Darkside Montage - 11

  12. Green

    How to Parachute

    I have been told time and time again that the best time to pull your chute is 80m.
  13. Green

    Mini Montage Sorta

    I like the way you think, its like playing in slow motion
  14. Green

    Mini Montage Sorta

    Didn't know that anyone could make a montage worst than unknowns 4 FPS Montage... Great kills and good music 10/10