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    what in the world i'm a magikrooster but i've never done this!
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    Comp Request

    Ingame Name: Magikrooster time of issue : around 9pm central time issue type: server restarting Amount Requesting: 1,259,066 if possible brief note on what happened: I was doing illegal relics and was driving my boat to my heli to pick it up and bring it to gang hideout to process when the 30 minute timer came up, I do not own a house and therefor have no way of storing it so I processed as much as I could but still had 542 relics in my heli and boat combined, the relics processed were selling at 2,323 at the time so I did the math and came up with that number Brief note on why you should be comped for this: I had been working on the run for 2 hours collecting and storing in my vehicles and didn't have enough time to process I spent 800k to get this going and I already died from a video showing the stuff in the vehicles video showing me selling what I could get processed and the price The reason why I was flying back in the first place was because in the middle of this I had a system error and loading back in right away, thx for considering comp