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  1. October Clan Base Updates

    Adding: Jesus - 76561198057804442 Removing: Seby - 76561198240498944 FYI sorry for the dead gang as of recent, We've all been really busy with school work and irl shizzle
  2. 10/10 would be a good medic #papaslampipebless +1
  3. Internet Speed

    Upload speed is kinda weak
  4. Leaving the Darkside for now

    who even are you
  5. Bye

    why do you even own arma 3 if you cant run it with at least 30 fps on all low?
  6. Company of Scally Wags - Thankyou

    Bye bye old chaps D:
  7. // ACCEPTED \\ Welcome to APO, The totally not dead clan
  8. September Clan Base Updates

    Authorized Personnel Only [APO] Clan Base Adding Dave Lister - 76561198218402508 Removing Anzkert - 76561198096739709 Crawmerax - 76561198142528290
  9. fuckin awesome dude, loved the cinematic and the music
  10. Flying CCU & Blowing up APMC's Run

    @Eclipse Why did ya copy my star of David boi
  11. Flying CCU & Blowing up APMC's Run

    Nah he'd crash it ;^)
  12. APO Members Update Colonel's APO | Dion Captain's APO | Chuck Howes APO | BMan Centurion's APO | Seby Legionnaire's APO | Hamsta Praetorian's APO | Xcatz_ APO | Dave Lister Miles' APO | Vaylynn APO | Christiaan Recruit's APO-T | Swerve Promotion's Chuck Howes --> Captain (Lots of hard work with helping the Gang, Thank you) APO | BMan --> Captain (Veteran of the gang) Dave Lister --> Legionnaire (Easily likable, chill) Demotion's Crawmerax --> Left (Dogged the boiz XD) Liam --> Left (Doggin the boizzzz, Nah jk boss see you soon) MrMoon0021 --> Kicked out (Inactive) jaM --> Kicked out (Inactive)