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  1. Respone to GrumpyKitten

    Rest in peace Austin Main 2k17, piss off ya twat
  2. Angela's civ app

    +1 Awesome roleplay from you my friend, also just a thirsty 12 year old lmao
  3. Doggin' the boys

    fuck sakes linking your damn cadet app
  4. APO Members Update Colonel's APO | Dion Centurion's APO | BMan APO | Liam APO | Seby APO | Killer Memestar Legionnaire's APO | Crawmerax APO | Hamsta Praetorian's APO | Xcatz_ APO | Chuck Howes APO | Christiaan APO | jaM Miles' APO | Vaylynn APO | Dave Lister Recruit's APO-T | MrMoon0021 Promotion's Killer Memestar --> Centurion (Lots of hard work with helping the Gang, Thank you) Dave Lister --> Miles (Easily likable, chill) Demotion's Flavv --> Left (Have fun with school work lol, You're welcome back when you're done) Aydan --> Kicked out (Inactive) Fish --> Kicked out (Inactive) ByrN --> Kicked out (Inactive) Brennauk --> Kicked out (Inactive) Ablys --> Kicked out (We don't want a troll, And stop changing your name Hobbit_Games/Tiger) BlaZe_Vect0r --> Kicked out (Too narky, You don't listen and are too pushy)
  5. Best Pilot

  6. Best Pilot

    and I thought @LiamC was a bad pilot lmao
  7. ping!!

    Move closer, its the only way you can fix it
  8. PWA Clan Base Application

    -1 Have never seen any of you guys with tags ever
  9. APO Recruitment Now Closed!!! You may continue to apply but applications will not be processed until we find it fit to re-open applications.
  10. Wasaiki Montage

    filthy yank
  11. Cadet playing peeka-boo with my lynx

    mah boi @Dave lister with the 10/10 strats
  12. Banned evreyday i get on

    This here... doesn't even show you inside the KOS zone nor the part where I land my heli and you disconnect instantly whilst still in combat, All that video showed was that you cant spell and you misuse help chat. Also the only thing I even remotely mentioned about bans is "Have fun getting banned again" not that I was personally going to ban you lmao. My friend held up in the tower for almost an hour? Your perception of time must be really bad if you think 10 mins = 1 hour. And no, Just because you arent being shot at the time doesnt give you the right to log, You declared (In help chat of all places) and then less than 15 mins later you logged. This part is also funny because you try to say "This isn't what happened" Considering (if you didn't know) that's Huntah showing you fully legitimate copy pasted warning/ban logs of YOU. so you cant say it didn't happen if it did mate. This here, Commenting on my videos saying dumb shit like that just because I commented on your ban appeal? This shows a level of immaturity that someone as old as you shouldn't have Now I will leave this post and I apologize to Staff for jumping in and anyone else who had to read this guys spelling, I'll let the admins deal with it from here, Lets hope that perm comes sooner rather than later. @Magnificent Murder