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  1. BMan

    Shot of the year?

    Ignore the mini orgasm at the end.
  2. BMan

    How to fly

    Does this mean I'm a licensed pilot now?
  3. BMan

    Raging Child

    I indeed agree with you there. I was expecting to see a child of a young age using his rangefinders for the first time. Very misleading 0/10.
  4. BMan

    makes sense

    naww just trash
  5. BMan


    mans on that 256x144 res
  6. BMan

    Progressive Development

    What about a marksman perk-enabled drone for drone squad? Or maybe even a CMR on a drone!
  7. BMan

    Loading screen sound card issue

    Mod's are EXTREMELY optional on this server. You get your JSRS sound mod, BlastCore and CBA3. I don't use any of those mods and works fine. If that doesn't help, you can try changing the amount of sound sources in your in-game audio settings.
  8. BMan

    Server Connection Issues

    try leaving any unit/squad you are in
  9. BMan

    Server Connection Issues

    Lets just hope this isn't another Reed Bush situation.
  10. One day, I will be able to record.
  11. BMan


    Who dat boy? Who dem is?