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  1. The day the cops did as they were told

    Poor Edgar was getting very upset
  2. Get some HD Space back by deleting mission caches.

    Ive been wondering where these little buggers save to. Be nice if the mission file could contain some script to auto delete the old script,but since they are on our pc's i guess it cant Cheers for the info.i will delete however many i have when i get home
  3. How To Make 3.8 Million | First Div Lotto

    Can you buy any pixels with that 3.8million
  4. GeForce Experience overlay spooling continuously

    Only issue ive ever had with ge force quite recently too was the mic and recording symbol kept flashing off and on ,on my screen. Which disabling desktop capture in privacy settings fixed.doubt it will help you any but something else to try.
  5. Whitegangs quality kos cap

    I have a giggle every time at the end with the anticipation of seeing the pawnee then the crushing dissapointment in the voices of everyone.
  6. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Yes pls
  7. Cops these days!

    Lol it was a pretty bad initial response but i gyess since u cut the video off after the fuel dart the rest was just u getting taken out
  8. Good bye.....for now

    Goos luck mate.i wondered where u had been lately, now i know.
  9. how to complete your fort quest

    excuse the heavy breathing and shitty quality
  10. DB Wipe - Change Log (29/3/2017)

    Good work team. Much appreciated
  11. Server Downtime - DB Wipe

    Oh well that answers that then Do you still have info on wl civs for promos ? I just ticked over 60hrs and completed medic and mechanic quest lines before the promos came up.i couldnt bring myself to do that again without a security lvl 1 promo Ill just leave this down here #bringbacktanoa
  12. Server Downtime - DB Wipe

    Only just got my xian ,at least i flew it around once before this happened.
  13. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #1

    Yip yip im in