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  1. Stinkyminge

    HA Montage 4

    Nice montage What program do you use for editing?
  2. Stinkyminge

    Battleye wont work for me?

    I had this issue , it was nbn my needing a port reset . You could try connect your pc to your phone via hotspot and see if the issue goes away then you know its your modem/connection vs pc issue
  3. Stinkyminge

    Bad Module Info Fix

    Was there an update?
  4. Stinkyminge

    Versa's Darkside Montage #3

    Love the cyrus kills
  5. Stinkyminge

    Stinky's 3rd Monatge

    yeah that was bad on us for all them hostage missions lol
  6. Stinkyminge

    Stinky's 3rd Monatge

    no music just the video now soooooooooooooorrrrry
  7. Stinkyminge

    This is Our Police Force... Do you feel safe a night?

    I feel safer with your lag than the spelling in your title "feel safe a night"
  8. Stinkyminge

    Stinky's #2 montage

    Haha i did wonder how you got in there or were going to get out
  9. Stinkyminge

    Stinky's #2 montage

    Heres a few kills with no editing or music,just some fat for a laugh and some spraying(alot of spraying : ) )
  10. Stinkyminge

    Do The Rawr Ft Razor

    Next video up the "FUUUCK" that blows everyone's ear drums
  11. Nice work.ive never seen a stun/restrain montage before
  12. Stinkyminge

    Stinky's 1st Montage

    Haja cheers i think i used just about all the effects the program has Cheers mate
  13. Stinkyminge

    Stinky's 1st Montage

    Haha yeah the music was some copyright free stuff i found on the internet. Yeah the mrc could chop up vehicles and walls easily but sometimes it did take a few shots,i had another shot on video where i %100 headshot salacious on cop from 500m and he just runs off