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  1. Jam

    Mike's Adventures Episode 5

    Yeah fuck off mum
  2. Jam

    Stooge's montage (Haggisrageincluded)

    Loving the tech n9ne
  3. Jam

    mk200 sux

    this is the greatest thing ive ever seen
  4. Jam

    First Montage

    Last kill was impressive nice work
  5. Jam

    Mike's Adventures - Tanoa Edition

    Huntah got rekt honestly.
  6. Jam

    Clickers Montage of Potato Skill

    Some clean shooting though nice dude
  7. Jam

    Clickers Montage of Potato Skill

    2 minutes 20 couldve easily tazed LOL wooooow
  8. Jam

    Montage IV

    You think you're funny, but at least tREN has legs.
  9. Jam

    Montage IV

  10. Jam

    I Need A Hero

    Just watched this again instantly made me happy
  11. Jam

    Montage III

    Hahahahah Coco is a hero to the kajman.
  12. Jam

    Darkside Moments - #29

    Hahahahaha at 45 i lost it. Oh you got me singing. Fuck.
  13. Jam

    Mike's Adventures Episode 1

    Hahahahahaha the heli at the end got me, pirates of the Caribbean fucked me up. Copyright that half the video consists of me not being able to breath from laughing.
  14. Flick me a message next time it's being raided