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  1. When LSD does CP3

    Forgot the part where Razor headshotted like three of you from 1.3km away. It was beautiful work.
  2. Server wipe? [Poll] and questions..

    That's just the epitome of fun for both rebels and cops. I think we can all agree it's super satisfying and fun when we get to take down a GCU, especially and Armed GCU with our own little surprise toy. Also armed helicopters can be neutralised really easily... Kajmeme 30mm Cannon vs 6.5mm Miniguns, yeah nah. Armoured vehicles are also easy to take out, I took out NinjaGlory on Sunday by just pulling him out and lethalling him during a terrorist mission, never stood a chance. I'm taking the statement you made that you're implying it makes it more difficult for cops, but you seem to be forgetting that for every "difficult" thing the rebels can pull out, we can usually pull out something equal or better (including but no limited to Commissioners w/ RPGs). Basically if the cop force online puts enough effort in we can just stomp rebels without much hassle. Also Martial Law tends to solve problems, no matter how big or small, every single time.
  3. In-Game Name: Jonharness Donor?: No Age: 14 Do you have a headset: Yes Do you have, or will get TS3: Yes Have you been banned from our server? (If so why?): Once pre-Tanoa for combat-logging on Huntah, once got accidentally fired, once for being an idiot and VDMing a bunch of cops in Kavala with a Staff Member standing there watching, once for being a disrespectful little shit to Huntah, and thrice for fucking up on cop and having Bartender & ZrMz disapprove. Have you read and understood the whitelisted Civ rules (View-able on the map screen in-game): Yes Why do you want to be Whitelisted? Be descriptive.. This is a ROLEPLAY orientated position, “To play Medic/Mechanic” is not a valid response: Many of my relatives have been in the social services lines of work, my mother and father were police officers, my uncle Steven was a Mechanic, one of my aunties was a Security Contractor and the other was a Medic. All throughout my childhood these relatives of mine have done their best to inspire me to do as well as I can to help the civilian population of Altis. Unfortunately, when I was only thirteen years old, my Security Contractor aunty, Sherrie, was brutally killed whilst responding to a call for help from the police, when she drove directly into an active firefight at Sofia Hospital in a Hatchback Sport and sadly perished in a blaze of glory as the robbers gunned her down while she ran for cover indoors. Call it coincidence, or call it fate, but the first person to arrive on the scene after the police had apprehended the robbers was my other aunty. She told me later how she'd arrived on the scene, landing her helicopter in front of the Hospital and getting out, only to find her sister riddled with bullet holes and lying in a pool of blood. Four and a half years ago my remaining Aunt took her own life in a tragic suicide attempt that ripped my father's psyche to shreds. After the tragic loss of both of his sisters in the space of a year, along with a rather serious wound to the leg from a stray round that hit him during a bank robbery, my father was discharged from the Police Force by one of the Commissioners, and I've been caring for him ever since. He is kept in Kavala Hospital twenty-four-seven, and I find myself very often taking time off my job as a truck driver to help the nurses of the hospital care for him. One of those nurses I got to know very well over time, and I'm now happily married to my wife Jennifer, who inspires me every day to be the best I can be for the citizens of Altis. Back to my father, after three years of a once great man slowly degenerating into madness, he mercifully befell the same fate as his sisters, and died in a lethal gas leak at the hospital. The Medics told me he died at least died painlessly, a fitting contrary to how he had been living. With the loss of three of my family members, I have come to realise how important life is, and that it should be embraced and protected at all costs, both ones own life and the lives of others too. My mother was always a tough woman. She rose high in the ranks of the Darkside Police Department, and was a very successful officer. However after the death of my father she handed in her retirement forms to the Commissioners, and has settled down to a quiet life in the hills far north of Kavala, living out her days keeping a clutch of chickens and a small farmstead growing potatoes. I visit her every week on a Sunday to see how she is getting along, but she is ageing and I fear she will soon be lost to me as well, much to my anguish. Thankfully she still has family members to hold onto being myself, my sister and my uncle. Uncle Steven thrives as a Mechanic. He absolutely loves his job, and every opportunity I could get as a young boy I would take to go driving with him in his big trucks, those were the times of my life. He's getting along well, being quite a bit younger than Angeline, his sister and my mother. I remember after my father's death him comforting my mother and saying to me "Jon, though times may be hard, those who stay together stay strong. Your father Mikkel may have died young, but he was a great man and don't let any man, woman, or child have you believe anything other than that." This quote has helped me through many hard times such as the still-birth of my son Jasper, and I constantly remind myself of his inspirational words whenever I face hardship. With the deaths of three members of my family, all of whom I was very close to, all the persuasion done by my family in my childhood has brought me here, applying for a job. I hope to work my way through system of work and help as many citizens of Altis as I can. As a Medic I pledge to aid all wounded in any way I can, and to help ease the pain of a close friend or family member passing away for the people most affected. I will be the first on the scene, doing my best to bring back precious life to those who are on the brink of losing it forever, and I shall never attempt to take a life, as I have recognised how precious and rare life is that we haven't discovered any other place in our infinite universe that contains our most amazing gift and essential necessity. Taking inspiration from my Uncle Steven, I've always wanted to be a Mechanic, and drive the big trucks around like he does, towing vehicles and sending them to the impound lot to keep the streets clean and drastically reduce the rate of accidents on the roads. I believe that Mechanics have one of the most important jobs on Altis, and almost certainly one of the most enjoyable... Who wouldn't love driving around in big vehicles and moving other vehicles around to keep the streets clean, while also helping civilians with broken-down cars, reducing the amount of stranded citizens who could succumb to the elements without the safety of a town or city, instead being stuck in the middle of a highway with no one else around to help them. Finally, as a Security I pledge to protect and serve the citizens of Altis in all their doings, be it truck delivery or glass selling. Though I may on occasion be required to take a life to protect my own or another's, those who are willing to take lives are those who should be prepared to die, which I am, and I have little sympathy for delinquent criminals after the incident with my aunty being killed by them. Otherwise I will do my utmost to defend the citizens of Altis and assist the police force in defusing highly tense situations with no loss of life, which I abhor. Overall I wish to serve the citizens of Altis in whatever way I can, be it as a Medic, Mechanic, or Security Contractor. The preservation of life is my goal and reason for existence in this world, and I intend to fulfil my god-given duty to serve and protect those in need. A brief description about yourself (Your play style): I'm a pretty fair helicopter pilot, but otherwise I enjoy driving around the roads of Altis to respond to situations as a Medic/Mechanic/Security in the local area that I happen to be. I play a lot of cop, and one of the big issues I have with playing civilian is that I don't have a particular purpose when I play it, whereas on cop I have a preset of things to achieve and do all the time such as patrol and respond to crime. Hence the main reason I wish to become whitelisted is because then I can play civilian with a purpose in playing it, not for the money or benefits because I don't care about being a rebel, I don't find it that enjoyable because it's just like normal civilian with no tasks to complete. I'm a very straightforward, ninety degree person, and I enjoy games that give me and objective and send me off to do it, which is what cop and whitelisted civilian do in the most entertaining way I've experienced yet, allowing me to have some free rein whilst patrolling or driving around but also giving me an objective to fulfil over time as I pot around looking for general crime, or medical/mechanic/security situations et cetera. Do you understand that any breach of your jobs rules could cause you to be un-whitelisted without warning: Yes
  4. Meme Page

    It would appear that 666's favourite weapon has some interesting information behind it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navid
  5. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    Stuff looks great, and will be really good for a server like Darkside. I noticed the De-Mining drone, new Police drone? (could also increase the prevalence of IEDs/Planted Explosives). Also propaganda like @Fliqqs suggested could be nuts. When this comes out, please make haste in applying additions (and reductions) to the mission file, it'll be fantastic.
  6. Meme Page

    Remember that by starting Darkside, you bring these people together and allow these things to be distributed
  7. Korean space program

    Ahahaha, that's great. ArmA 3 "PhysX" ladies n gentlemen! Did you catch the guy in the end?
  8. Jonharness - Cop Blacklist Appeal

    Bump @Huntah If so feel free to just PM. For not then please say so so I can not bug you about it. Cheers.
  9. Jonharness - Cop Blacklist Appeal

    Could I perchance see my cop notes so I can see where I've gone wrong and what to improve?
  10. In-Game Name: Jonharness Steam UID 64: 76561198271455072 Reason on Ban Message: You've been blacklisted and removed from playing cop or whatever it says I don't remember. Admin who banned me: Unknown Why this ban was unfair: The original punishment for what I did was perfectly fair (1 week cop blacklist and 1 rank demotion), and even after I brought up Bartender's comment about one more delinquency and I lose my blacklisting both ZrMz_x and Mongoose agreed to just carry out the original punishment. I understand that I really, really fucked up, big time, because of idiotic loyalty and what is still in my opinion not idiotic honesty. My fault for being a dumbfuck, I know. I was told that Bartender might change the punishment to a permanent blacklist after he saw the note on my account, but I don't know if he would've because someone else did before him, presumably Huntah because that was the other person mentioned who might change the punishment. So instead of appealing for the entire thing, because I know I fucked up and accept my punishment, I'm appealing the assumedly permanent cop blacklist applied to my account. I really enjoyed playing cop, and it was really the only reason I kept playing the server, because it gave me something to do instead of just letting me roam free into the world with no goals or tasks, like some neverending quest game. Playing as a cop on Darkside was truly the most enjoyable ArmA 3 experience I have ever had, and I wish to whatever people wish to nowadays that I can have that privilege of being able to play cop back. Hell, I'll even settle for playing Pub Cop without any chance to become whitelisted again (though I would prefer whitelisted) because I just found playing cop so enjoyable. Reset my account, or whatever you feel is appropriate, but I beg of you who reads and is in the power, I know I've had chances, but I fucked them up, but everyone makes mistakes and I appeal to your generous, forgiving side/s that you allow me another chance to do what I enjoyed the most on ArmA 3. Regards, Jonharness. Edit: If you do give forgiveness, one punishment might be to make me a 24/7 Police Trainer, as I like to think I know a lot about cop, but I'm limited to use of Pub Cop gear, not my own, and it would help me help the pub cops, who are the future of the police force. I don't know, just a random idea..
  11. Respone to GrumpyKitten

    Classic Mcena style.
  12. Respone to GrumpyKitten

    Alright this guy was once my friend, and since you decided to point out all his flaws, starting with his punctuation, I'll point out all the flaws in this post. "piss" - Do you mean piece? "Grumpykitten" - His forums name does not have a capital letter at the start. "perm" - "Perm" is a hairstyle; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perm_(hairstyle). "older timers" - A far better way to put this would be "old timers". "admins" "owners" "mods" "helpdesks" - These should be capitalised at least.. "Administrators" "Owners" "Moderators" "Helpdesk Staff", also you forgot "Developer", probably the biggest contributers to the server. "Grumpykitten" ""3000 other servers"" - Again, no capital on "grumpykitten" and use proper words: "three thousand other servers". "Darkside" "#1" "OCE" "Altis Life Server" - The correct name is "The Darkside Life™" and it is trademarked, as is visible on the TeamSpeak. The correct way to say "#1" is "number one", "OCE" is actually spelt "Oceania" when properly used and the server was once based on Tanoa. Also the entire post is a single paragraph, whereas it could be multiple paragraphs which would give it a neater and more appealing appearance, rather than a disgusting huge block of text. Split different subjects into different paragraphs, such as recognition of the staff (and developers), and your opinion on Kavala Trolling and appropriate punishment which isn't yours to judge in the first place. All this simply makes a piece of text more visually appealing and far easier to read. Regards, Jon.
  13. Best Pilot

    10/10 would fly with again
  14. New cop type (Discuss)

    An interesting thing to think about is what armament these officers would have access due. Inevitably anyone patrolling the road, declaring on people and pulling them over is going to be forced to engage in combat. Do they patrol in groups? If so how big are the groups? What weapons do they have? Do they have access to lethal ammunition? The idea needs a bit of thought, and that's why this thread was made. My main questions about it, even though I will personally never be it are the following: What weaponry? What vehicles? What are rules surrounding combat with them as a civilian? What kind of backup can they call in from the main whitelisted police force? I knew quite a few whitelisted officers who didn't really like responding to large crimes, especially lower ranks due to them getting absolutely demolished by big gangs, and not having access to lethals inhibiting their ability to push an objective without the assistance of a higher ranking officer/s. I think that overall this is a great idea, and it'd really improve the general roleplay quality on the server, but it could get irritating being constantly pulled over as a civilian because the patrol officers have nothing else to do, and end up just wasting a lot of time, which might make the general attitude towards patrol officers rather negative. This coupled with potentially limited firepower could result in rebels targeting these officers because they know they can overpower and kill or take them hostage rather easily. Otherwise I think it's a great idea, and also it can eliminate time wasted during responses by the whitelisted force when people want to hand themselves in because an officer without obligations to respond can process said person. Along with other pros, and cons, I think overall it's a pretty good idea.