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  3. Meme Page

    Let's take this to DMs to not violate the sanctity of this forum. I will show you in private to save your dignity.
  4. Meme Page

    What I think you meant to say was you click your mouse and your gatling gun goes brrt, shoots half a dozen 6.5mm tracers and kills the everything.
  5. Meme Page

    You realise there are documented cases that provide clear evidence a .50 going through a house of cards won't knock it down right? Where do you get you're information and yet you have the nerve to call me silly when you say a .50 will "rip you in half". The majority of .50 cartridges, if they hit you will put a neat hole in your front, and a messy one in your back. Next you'll be saying a .50 can go at super-sonic speeds through water... (it can't by the way).
  6. Meme Page

    Could be due to the fact that an APDS just makes a neat 12.7mm hole in someone, whereas a normal one would expand and cause far more internal damage. Wait, ArmA is a game; disregard. Also I could be entirely wrong, the 12.7 could be going fast enough to not have time to expand within the body, in which case they'd be equally effective, though the funny thing about using APDS against infantry is that the penetrator (the bit of the bullet that actually hits and penetrates) is of a smaller diameter than 12.7, meaning you're shooting someone with something smaller than a .50 cal, it just goes faster and is harder to break up.
  7. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    I already am proud of you for those kills with the MK200 and a scope, how the fuck do you not get aids from the recoil?
  8. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    Orca montages are almost as good though But otherwise ye fair enough.
  9. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    I love Navid Montages. They are such a great display of skill and prowess.
  10. That timing is fucking beautiful. Admin Darkside Team 2 (Extra points for comedy), BattlEye P.S: Clearly shows NinjaGlory's look of death, he looks at you; bans happen.
  11. Meme Page

    Yer a wizard, Harry!
  12. North Americans

    Move to NZ, you'd fit well.. (And of course we can start abolishing some of the Aussie in ya)
  13. North Americans

  14. Darkside APD at it's finest.

    Looooooong story.
  15. Darkside APD at it's finest.

    There were like 30 people on, after a night so it was extremely likely there'd be an entire 10 active players online, and then not that many associated with the faction we were raiding. We'd also just successfully raided Crafting Guild. I think the raid was entirely justified...