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  1. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    Was that Undisclosed guy @VIP3R but pissed off his face and gone squeaky?
  2. Do You Know Da Wae? (Backfire)

    Shoulda shot back man.
  3. Taking SunDragoness to Edessa bay

    He's using the JSRS sound mod. Basically just makes ArmA sound better.
  4. Shit Dec (FUNNY)

    The ambient crickets perfectly describe how I felt after watching that.
  5. Welcome to Kavala

    Wait until you piss @Mongoose off. That's a good one.
  6. Running People Through The Data Base Be Like

    I don't get it.. Alex Jones = Darkside Admin??
  7. Change Log (11/11/2017)

    Rip RDM complaints.
  8. Change Log (27th October)

    Wish we got fully automatic MMGs that one shot the rebels as well, completely ignoring body armour, ya know?
  9. Change Log (27th October)

    Not so sure about this, lower ranks on cop get pretty shafted as it is by more powerful gangs... At least if civilians get this let the police also have a version, but it could remove body armour or something.
  10. SiCk

  11. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    I already am proud of you for those kills with the MK200 and a scope, how the fuck do you not get aids from the recoil?
  12. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    Orca montages are almost as good though But otherwise ye fair enough.
  13. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    I love Navid Montages. They are such a great display of skill and prowess.
  14. That timing is fucking beautiful. Admin Darkside Team 2 (Extra points for comedy), BattlEye P.S: Clearly shows NinjaGlory's look of death, he looks at you; bans happen.