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  1. VIP3R

    BattlEye Intialization failed

    Same here battleye is kicking me off the serever every time i join and did what u said joining on the launcher but black and white screen when i join and kicked off
  2. VIP3R

    Snr Cst. heli snipe, HE Hosp

    Now days u just got to go with it and use what u got and put abit of faith in the highest ranking cop at the time and see what he will come up with next😀
  3. VIP3R

    Bait or not??

    just wanna know because some people said yes and other no just there lots of definitions of a bait so all goods now we are clear
  4. VIP3R

    Bait or not??

    So last night HE gang was robbing a gas station one HE member was was calling for help he looked unarmed so I was getting hes id and what not . He mates where waiting in the bushes waiting for me to strat rp with the man and i got taken hostaged dog move i know but what can i do lost 2.5m all good. Just wanna know if that was a bait or not because he did say help when no help was needed