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  1. Bloodngutz

    Clutch Police escape nitro plays

    after escaping send a checky "good chase" too the cops
  2. Bloodngutz

    Salty Children - Exposed

    i dont care about any of this shit going on, i just like the editing.. A+ effort
  3. Bloodngutz

    DSPD | Going Undercover | Short Film

    shit i forgot that van damme was a bad ass
  4. Bloodngutz

    DSPD | Going Undercover | Short Film

    I wanted real life evidence, you see movies all the time about undercover cops and shit just look at 21 and 22 jump street lol.
  5. Bloodngutz

    DSPD | Going Undercover | Short Film

    yeah, i know on the exploit side of things you did nothing wrong and shooting them in the ack would pre pretty gay... but like, in a real sense what cop would just take off there clothes and join a jail riot, in risk of being friendly fired? but in all sense it was pre cool
  6. Bloodngutz

    DSPD | Going Undercover | Short Film

    i dont see how this should be allowed, at what stage would a cop in roleplay really do this?
  7. Bloodngutz

    Taking SunDragoness to Edessa bay

    wow, navids vs pub Cops :\
  8. Bloodngutz

    Having A Bit Of Fun In My New Jet!

  9. Bloodngutz

    Nightstalker scope bug?

    have you got a battery? and too my knowledge the night stalker can only be used in the rebel KOS?
  10. Bloodngutz

    turn down volume

    Anyone else's ears bleeding after this
  11. Bloodngutz

    Damn Kavala... you scary

    I know have terminal cancer
  12. Bloodngutz

    Driving Lessons

    WIll have to watch after school, should be interesting
  13. Bloodngutz

    One bullet and a DREAM

    not even
  14. Bloodngutz

    When Rex pulls a Rice...

    Sun, its "Deez Nutz"