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  1. Ir0nsh007er

    Molos Spawn Mediic BUG

    Ive spawn my medic chopper at molos and instantaly CRASH\EXPLODED on spawning poiint.....
  2. Ir0nsh007er

    Teamspeak right

    I format my computer i llost my permission on Teamspeakk my names was Ir0nsh007er on TS3
  3. Ir0nsh007er

    Can buy more then 40 vehicule but i have 30

    ive sell 9 vehicule to buy 1 and still have only 30 until 40 like perk warning said !!!!
  4. I want to buy tempest medical for my quest 10 animal repealant ... and when i try i received message .. Your perk level can only store 40 maximum vehicule .. I sell 2 rhib on my 4 and try again and i cant buy .. I sell 1 bluebird and cant again same message ... My taru blow in city after i spawn in bad zone and i want to rebuy my taru was blow up and i cant same message .. I have now only have 30 vehicule in my garage now and i cant make my quest and cant buy back my taru !!! And i sell for nothing 3 vehicule !! I have evidence !!
  5. Ir0nsh007er

    Have bug white-listed

    If you talk about 10 minutes afk on 130 hours of games since 2 weeks I do not see where I'm guilty ... I have to watch my video twitch and no player has not been revived from the fact that I had been AFK !! If only you take the time to visualize my 130h twitch of my gameplay you will see that at no time I will not revive the player even if I am on mission. I do my job first!
  6. Ir0nsh007er

    Have bug white-listed

    Anyway each time im AFK i've look after in map if i received any call !! Never receive call when im afk for max 10 min !! I look back my twitch and really some abuse here! Anyway .. im demoted for my bad english or only because im french !! Dunno why but really not fair here !
  7. Ir0nsh007er

    Have bug white-listed

    1st Im respond to every request on server ... 2 i have RL i have baby here you can ear in my twitch sometime cry in my ear for 2 or 3 min before i go help my young kids !! 3 I dont exploited for financial .. I have RL too and i took sometime like 10 min for my baby and or smoke and i write down in help chat !
  8. Ir0nsh007er

    Have bug white-listed

    As I said, firstly I just reread the rules of the server and in none of your rules it is indicating that being afk is punishable .... Said TFO | SlugDibble when he spectate me !! Secondly, in no case have I broken the rule of life value since I was warned the first time .. I pay attention to this rule, Ghostface saw the video that supposed me violated this law and yet not. I do not know why you have demoted me for no good reason since I play my role as best I can. Im remove TS3 "Whitelisted Civilian" by "Nectole". After we talk to him!
  9. Ir0nsh007er

    Have bug white-listed

    Now other modo tell me im break rule for AFK !!! I dont see any rule like that !! And we look whith admin if i can have my white-listed again !!!
  10. Ir0nsh007er

    Have bug white-listed

    Ty for ghostface to investigate and reput me on whitelist.. Some Admin/modo abuse here .. for no reason and no evidence remove me .. Some guy's troll a lot and admin/modo dont want to see my evidence until i go on helpdesk to talk whit ghostface and see no reason to unwhite-listed me ! Im disapointed about who abuse here !!
  11. Ir0nsh007er

    Have bug white-listed

    I cant join my medic account !
  12. Ir0nsh007er


    Good to know
  13. I dont own any rebel vehicule .. i dont drive anyone ... but i took this license ! Policeman drive near me .. Demand my paper to look .. My morality are 100% . Im not wanted anymore 0% crime ... i respect limit, all rule whit my AWD truck ... The policeman took me to jail 30 minute for my rebel vehicule and im frustrated about how police abuse autority here !! Like joanress impouded my MEDIC vehicule when we are 20 on server for nothing !!!!! He said for server charge its possible make lag ... HELLO im use them !! ok 2 suv out and 2 Ambulance !! Some rules need to be re-evaluate and some policeman too !!! Now i lost my wear ....... For stupid law make no sens
  14. Ir0nsh007er

    Some hacker crash server

  15. Ir0nsh007er

    Some hacker crash server

    Now the server not restart !! What appened?