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  1. Dinkle

    You were kicked off

    Try following this guide -
  2. Dinkle

    You were kicked off

    I can see you are getting kicked off for missing files - https://imgur.com/CxixAdp The best thing to do is remove ALL mods by un-subbing, then waiting 2 ish minutes. Restart steam and then re-sub to those files.
  3. Dinkle

    M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    about tree fiddy
  4. Dinkle

    Ping is really high because steam reasons?

    Does your ping spike when attempting to DL the mission file?
  5. Dinkle


    From memory @ZrMz_xand @M y l e Z have dealt with both players. They will need to confirm however.
  6. The requirements of connection speed and latency were set by Bohemia(I think). So it is not something we can necessarily change. The speed requirements are set by us. I was wrong, however, the bottom text still applies If you live very far from the server you can run into some issues. If you can, try and reduce internet usage in your household while you are downloading the mission file.
  7. Dinkle

    The 3FPS glitch

    Can you please screenshot the error that you receive?
  8. Dinkle

    The 3FPS glitch

    So you're running a 64bit version of windows. ' Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit' Go into your Arma 3 Launcher, click on Parameters, and them up the top there should be a button that says all parameters. Click on then then again, up the top, there should be an area with a dropdown box that says Platform, is it set to 32bit or 64bit. If it is set to 32bit, change it to 64bit.
  9. Dinkle

    The 3FPS glitch

    Can you run a Dxdiag for me? You might not have to upgrade your PC at all. Press the windows button and type in 'dxdiag'. Click on the Dxdiag application and let it run, then click o n the button that says Save all info, then copy paste that info and reply here.
  10. Dinkle

    The 3FPS glitch

    I would recommend upgrading your PC. The 4FPS glitch is fixed with the x64 version of Arma 3. How much ram does your PC have?
  11. Dinkle

    Server Menu Problems

    It might be something to do with your aspect ratio and screen size. I can get a similar result to you at 4:3 normal on a 1920x1080 screen
  12. Dinkle

    Server Menu Problems

    What is the current screen ratio of your Arma 3 game?
  13. Dinkle

    i cant join this server

    There is no download link for the current mission file. It can only be downloaded when you connect to the Arma server.