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  1. Server

    The Mission Failed message you received is a Arma 3 bug. when that happens the server restarts. When it comes back up, it locks at about 20-30 players to prevent server lag as everyone is downloading the mission file. It usually unlocks after 5 minutes.
  2. Need some help

    Are you running windows 7 ultimate? Pls do a DXdiag of your PC spec
  3. Haggis - Montage - 10

    That triple at the strider on APMC was godlike
  4. The Great Police Fuckup!

    I meant in regards to your comment, not the video
  5. The Great Police Fuckup!

    Again....no. if restrained. No one talks until you are either unrestrained. Or sent to jail.
  6. Change Log (13/07/2017)

    "Upgrading a police hellcat with the ammo upgrade no longer gives it ammo if you're not a Coast Guard" Good to see that got fixed
  7. There is no rule against this! In fact, i would encourage it! There use to be a group of people that would take cop cars and cop clothes, and take over checkpoint 1 without capping it. They would then license check people that came thru and rob them of their goods as they left
  8. Meme Page

    Yea thats what i mean. You should never circumvent the helpdesk. Even if you work for it!
  9. Meme Page

    Hhahahahaha to be fair. I think that would fall into the "common knowledge of a helpdesk area". If you've never worked helpdesk before i can understand
  10. Change Log (17/06/2017)

    "The Police Gorgon can now be used against Armed GCU's in addition to just during Martial Law" MMmhhhhmmmmm yeeeesss! All round 10/10 job for the fixes and improvements! Why the change on armed vehicles now being unable to be taken out at Kav?
  11. Dinkles Donation

    Steam UID: 76561198011461831 In game name: Sgt.Dinkle | Perseus | Transaction ID: 6UR600959D389620W Donation Amount: $30 - 3 Packs Of Bronze Player ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Icypolefreak/
  12. Random Moments Compilation | Vol II

    Amazing video I didnt make it in #winning
  13. "Marshal" law

    When the stars align and andan "okay" shot turns into a godlike beam from the sun.
  14. Looking for active Gang

    @Paul@Paul I hear cosw are into rape and pillaging.
  15. Darkside Moments #25 - Funnies and Shootings

    Worth every centimeter i fell then