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  1. got banned for stupid reason

    Can you please post a proper ban appeal in the correct format. Read this post please - http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/topic/24-read-me-first/
  2. Server Menu Problems

    It might be something to do with your aspect ratio and screen size. I can get a similar result to you at 4:3 normal on a 1920x1080 screen
  3. Server Menu Problems

    What is the current screen ratio of your Arma 3 game?
  4. i cant join this server

    There is no download link for the current mission file. It can only be downloaded when you connect to the Arma server.
  5. TS Perm

    Hi Syai619, When you are next in the Teamspeak, can you please message a Staff member with your Darkside profile so they can give you your permissions.
  6. Joel Whitelist CIV app

    Staff +1 Approved Be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules for your new whitelisted civilian jobs. Link this thread to a Moderator and above to have your permissions applied.
  7. Meme Page

    Making sure he is being a stand up citizen and being active in his community!
  8. Application Error

    Good to hear! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I actually saw your message last night but was unable to make a informative post.
  9. Application Error

    Hi Elo, First off, try navigating to your Arma 3 AppData location - C:\Users\*PC NAME*\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache Then delete all Darkside mission files. They will be named "ds_Life**.PBO" If that does not work, try these tips here - https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1274-uohk-5653 (Do not try step 3 in "Update your System" section, as if a mistake is made, it can mess up your PC) If they don't work, can you please post a DxDiag of your system for me? Do you experience the error on any other games?
  10. I Got Blacklisted

    Just an fyi. The blacklist only lasts till a server restart.
  11. i cant join this server

    If you are connecting from another country far from Australia, you might experience a slow download time. Also if your internet is quite bad, you might lag out as you attempt to download the mission file. Only thing I can recommend is to download the mission file on a different internet connection. Nothing else comes to mind atm.
  12. New name for a fresh wipe

    Ahhh, well bummer Still, looking forward to the new name gang!
  13. New name for a fresh wipe

    He was a nice guy to me Chuck this to some of your old members - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWcl-hC-Y1U Might bring back nostalgic memories!
  14. New name for a fresh wipe

    I came from UEGL as well back in the day! Do you remember the old guy who was the sniper, and aaalllways sniped at their "bank"?
  15. New name for a fresh wipe

    Did ECS originate in the Life server UEGL?