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  1. Versa


    Doesn't look too different from when we used to play aye @Zachs
  2. Old mate Hellcat McConaughey.
  3. Not to tug my own dick but yeah they were... Got another one on the way as well except it's a KotH montage, she goes hard as. plugs the merch
  4. The number of bullets fired compared to amount hit for that Blackfoot would have to 3 out of 300, although it was a shitfull display by both parties...
  5. 30mm pawnee... 1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g
  6. Uploaded this to YouTube a while ago and never even put it on the forums... Notice me pls
  7. RPG's a HEMTT. eXcEsSiVe LeThAls!!1!
  8. Once again exceeding expectations! Long live the idiot troll.
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