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  1. How to Parachute

    Lol a parachute, haven't seen that before. Was pretty edgy though xD!
  2. Mini Montage Sorta

    ArmA 3 in 16-bit. Lovely stuff.
  3. Name Changes

    II_7EEHEE_II to Versa Thanks!
  4. My GeForce experience does the same thing when it needs an update lmao. I would firstly recommend clicking on 'Check for Updates' for both GPU drivers and the program itself as having a GPU on a old driver can cause problems in detection of the Nvidia graphics card that you have to possess in your system to even be able to run the program. If all else fails just re-install and hopefully it comes with the newest program version. Latest driver for most Nvidia GPU's: 388.13 - WHQL https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/126179 The program does have an option to check for updates on your driver but there is the link anyway.
  5. Fliqqs Funnies V

    Oi @Salami 1:27. That was a while ago.
  6. Day 7 War Update

    Lmao Top Kek. Altis bureau of statistics has recently run a test and found a 666% increase of Kajman sightings in or around the clan base of the well known clan CoSW. The reasons for this drastic increase are still unknown but some have come to believe that it might be because of the ongoing gang war CoSW vs Darkside superpower and professional fuck everything uper's 666.
  7. Montage and Funny Moments #2

    1 like = 1 prayer
  8. #Stoptheclickbait
  9. 20ish seconds left till GCU

    *You cop hostage mission*
  10. Mithzaron Antics Ep. 6

    Good luck on exams! And hot video.
  11. Hunterz mini Montage #2

    Ft. ya boi Gang Hideout 1.
  12. SiCk

    Same thing happened to @Razor and @Valkerg when you pushed the tower at checkpoint one. Eyewitness accounts say "He was fucking floating!" and "This nigga need jesus"
  13. Explosion at kav

    Dude, nice.