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  1. Blackfoot Broke Have a nice day

    Fuck em up! Won't be seeing another one of them up and operational for a few weeks.
  2. Blackfoot Broke Have a nice day

    Lol I only thought the radar only picked up air and ground targets in the direction the vehicle was facing. Thats probably why, not because they can't use radar but because the radar couldn't pick it up. Still pretty dumb though surely you boys would've heard it.
  3. TNR Bukkake

    Good shit @Osama Bin Laden (Kurt), I love seeing the tracers of the other heli's just flyby without even getting near you. The only thing they damaged is your sling load which is sad when you need it to carry the rest of us in FU. lol.
  4. Wipe Cop Statistics

    Good shit, I've been waiting out for another one of these.
  5. Whitegangs quality kos cap

    FU at their finest .
  6. CosW and FU clan base battle

    Did you get off because you knew what was coming? An attack like that doesn't go un-noticed at FU and a retaliation act was inevitable. And just like one of your Armed Orca pilots who flew into @RIley Fades in a one on one said, "Death is coming"
  7. CosW and FU clan base battle

    Ahaha R.I.P that was fun as. I was the only one left though when you actually decided to push us in the Strider because you strafed all our guys while they were at the box buying stuff.
  8. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    Time to whip out those Mk200 cause we can't afford anything else! Can't wait.
  9. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Oh yes dad! Can't wait to cop me one of them Kajmans on civ and to join one of these sick ass new factions. This is going to be lit! I can already tell which faction @DeeJai will be in as well.
  10. Help Desk Applications Round 7!

    Yeet! Goodluck ladies and gents.
  11. Timmy Jimson Montage #3

    That jet at 0:53 had some pace on it! Good montage all round mate.
  12. Security Xi'an

    Although i'm not a security officer myself and that I think it would be cool as shit, I still have to agree with @Mongoose about security not being rapid response. They have the cops and their respective squads from that kind of thing along with their own V-44X Blackfish. I don't reckon cops or security need that kind of vehicle, i'd rather keep it a rebel only thing although it would be cool to be able to prestige the security quest line to get a cool vehicle or perk.
  13. Bye

    Nice montage dude! I seriously don't know how you manage to get on each day though and make your time on the server enjoyable with those frames though. Hats off to you though for coming back for more even though your PC identifies as a potato.
  14. Montage Volume I

    Awesome montage dude! Not rocking up in an armoured vehicle to respond to you on cop, it won't work lol.
  15. TFO Pawnee aimbot

    I Must have.