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  1. DeeJai Dies again - Week 3+

    Stuck the landing with style at 4:35. lol!
  2. Change Log (25/07/2017)

    Like Frank said I can't wait to see these new helicopter drones in action with missiles and all. And also great job to all the server staff on bringing us, yet again, another kick-ass change log.
  3. The cars of darkside

    Those Fatboy rims look like dinner plates but i'm sure she goes like hell! How many CC's is it? I am also thinking about getting a bike something like a Honda CBR 500 or a Yamaha R3/ Ninja 300 and I was wondering if you have any other suggestions for a beginner road bike?
  4. The cars of darkside

    This is my 2006 Lightning Machow. It comes stock with a 1337 BHP V8 engine, quad 3 inch exhausts, lowered chassis, and 4 entire rounds things with rubber on them. It has a top speed of however fast the little kid playing with it can push it around and sounds like a retarded hummingbird. I have also taken the time out of my day to spray-paint my own custom paint job, with the number 95 representing the number of brain cells I have left. I hope you guys can appreciate my car as much as I do!
  5. Gun Guide

    Don't worry mate it's a really good guide with heaps of detail. The soul purpose for these types of threads is to help people and whats wrong with that? Nothing.
  6. Darkside Clan War (July - 2017) Results

    Mate, it's all a bit of banter. There were others doing the same. I reckon that may have been me... lol
  7. Darkside Clan War (July - 2017) Results

    Well done to all the clans who participated and did so fairly. Especially to TFO who managed to, i'd say, quadruple our score and nearly double second place's in the process. I don't know how you did it but you did. On a quick side-note though I reckon FU needs to rethink some of theirs tactics ready for next clan war so we can get back up on top and reclaim our position... . Anyway good work and good game to all it was a really fun hour playing with some of the servers best and finest.
  8. The Family is recuriting for a short time only

    Good luck with recruiting TF boys!
  9. Gun Guide

    I'm pretty sure I had legality and calibre in my guide. Either way this is a cracking gun guide and I can see it took quite a while to perfect it just as mine did. I like how you decided to add the attachments that each gun could have and which police ranks could use which guns! It's funny as well how you added the attachments in your guide just as I was thinking of doing so to mine. All up a lovely guide and i'm sure it will help many people heaps, who ever's guide they may choose.
  10. Darkside Clan War (July - 2017) ! NEW DATE !

    Not phased either way.
  11. Meme Page

    I love this! Especially the picture under 'Baseless', so true. Hahaha!
  12. Darkside Clan War (July - 2017) ! NEW DATE !

    Don't know what your talking about mate. I never dog the boys and just for reference sake, whats a Blackfoot? I haven't been on while we have had a Blackfoot out before either so it couldn't have been me.
  13. Darkside Clan War (July - 2017) ! NEW DATE !

    Na, FU easy win again... And are you losing faith in your FU boys @Cody1996? Remember the moto, 'Never dog the boys'.
  14. DeeJai's Reverse Montage Wk 2

    I bet you were/ did. And I liked the part when I recognised that you had actually killed someone. II_7EEHEE_II - "Oh what? Deejai fucken killed someone!"
  15. DeeJai's Reverse Montage Wk 2

    Gets flash-banged/ stoned at 1:38 and starts spraying wildly. This got me so bad man, hahahahaha!