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  1. Meme Page

    when your trynna poach but you end up getting poached
  2. A Darkside Moments

    was that huntah on cop lmao +1 tda memes
  3. Wednesday Night Jams

    lemme get my recorder real quick.
  4. Yeah.. Main airfield was a death zone for aircraft.
  5. Militant Maniacs Group

    Seems kinda like a business to me. Might be beneficial for you guys to take a look at the business applications and so on, seems like it would suit your playstyle better: Best of luck.
  6. Doing Weed

    So that's how 666 gets their civ shit done so quick.
  7. I'm guessing this also applies to similar situations for yourself, such as cleaning up after solo runs. Does this mean we aren't allowed to respond to requests from gang members etc. if we are on mechanic or medic at the time?
  8. Police promotions be like...

    Yeah shame all that practice doesn't make me good at it.
  9. Police promotions be like...

    Snr. Const. for me
  10. WL Civ Promotion - - 01-08-17

    Going for that security next time. Just need to grind out a few more quests
  11. Police promotions be like...

    When you don't get promoted: Should probably play more than 3 hours a month lol
  12. Meme Page

    wait what the fuck
  13. Too many high ranking officers?

    There is a limit on how much of each rank there can be, as seen on the police page. If I remember correctly the highest rank without a limit is either Sgt or Snr Sgt so it shouldn't get too crazy.
  14. Change Log (25/07/2017)

    RIPeroni CCUs/GCUs Is recon drone?