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  1. Explosion at kav

    Your game: Cool I missed it. Server: lol nope
  2. SiCk

  3. The Devil's Angels IS RECRUITING

    Only cause I told them to
  4. Meme Page

    Outplayed? ☒ - Outplayed ☐ - Not outplayed
  5. Kill montages a PSA (and a spicy surprise)

    People just don't respect all the hard work you put into adding those haha
  6. New name for a fresh wipe

    666 vs ECS clan war confirmed?
  7. New name for a fresh wipe

    Doesn't quite work like that, trust me. Cool new name though, hope to see it around!
  8. Kill montages a PSA (and a spicy surprise)

    wasn't even at a gas station
  9. Clown car Hunter

    Don't bully the Kavalians, they haven't seen a hunter before.
  10. Hunterz Mini Montage

    The pubbies didn't see it coming, really got 'em gud
  11. This months changes

    You have probably already taken a look at the changelog but here are a few of the things that I find important: 1. Economy Rework: Basically cosmetic but a few price changes were snuck in. 2. Factions: Crafting Guild is pretty self explanatory, bonuses to crafting abilities and crafting related features. Molos Mafia is good for the money maker, gives bonuses to trucking missions and drug convoys. The missions are about extortion activities such as robberies. Neo Notorious is for rebels, it reduces the cost of illegal guns and provides various combat bonuses such as reducing scope sway. 3. Pygros Safezone: Pygros is basically a mini Kavala. 4. Laws of War integration: Vans and new uniforms for medics and mechanics. 5. Dynamic Weather: Fog, Sun and Rain in the space of 5 minutes. 6. PD Reworks: Most of the Police HQs have been given a makeover.
  12. Darkside APD at it's finest.

    Next time on Darkside APD exposed.
  13. Meme Page

    wise words there
  14. Meme Page

    plz nuh. While not a bad idea considering what happens on this thread but people need a shitpost shit hole. also it's my only actual achievement lol
  15. North Americans

    *insert joke about sheep*