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  1. Montage Vol II

    2 op plz nerf
  2. Christmas Donation Winners!

    mike vlogs
  3. Turri's Kill Montage (Spray)

    nice meme on TF
  4. Later Bolt

    *HE zerg rush intensifies*
  5. S P E E D

    @Wasaiki can do better haha
  6. ArmA 3: DarkSide - Kill Montage #2

    They call him the Kavalian Horror. Not too sure if those pawnee decs were legit but too late now I guess.
  7. This Is How A Cadet Decs

    So that was you.. I was wondering what that flying hatchback was doing.
  8. Mithzaron Antics Ep. 6

    was that an AMS on a ASP? No wonder it took so long.
  9. Explosion at kav

    Your game: Cool I missed it. Server: lol nope
  10. SiCk

  11. Kill montages a PSA (and a spicy surprise)

    People just don't respect all the hard work you put into adding those haha
  12. Kill montages a PSA (and a spicy surprise)

    wasn't even at a gas station
  13. Clown car Hunter

    Don't bully the Kavalians, they haven't seen a hunter before.
  14. Hunterz Mini Montage

    The pubbies didn't see it coming, really got 'em gud
  15. Darkside APD at it's finest.

    Next time on Darkside APD exposed.