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  1. First day on the force [First 10 hours]

    Reeee If youre gonna bump an old post, make it one of the less cringy ones Reeee p.s Focus on the academy
  2. Staff Promotions 13/1/2018

    Woo thanks for the promo, As Mylez said if any of the new staff are a little lost or need a hand let me know, Ill be happy to help!
  3. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Two specific moments with @MrBartender that made the weekend The moment we stared eachother down with RPG's across a field and had an OG musket battle, and when i randomly stumbled across him sniping and my heart almost gave out as that loud ass lynx shot jumpscared me. @Luke The mcdelivery didnt help. gg ya bmers
  4. Jumped and Died (Seriously)

    Hi Mate, Few little things to address here. Occasionly the Shop tablet can bug out and become invisible (Only to you) When this happens either try re-logging, If the issue persists just delete your mission file and re-download when joining the server. Arma3 is a buggy game by nature, Especially when scripts are introduced. A general rule of thumb is to not jump so close to a wall because you will get stuck, float and either come out dead or injured (Just dont jump for no reason and you'll be fine) Not really sure what you mean by the text messages.. 15k may seem like alot now when you just start out, But progression on Darkside works with a snowball effect. The more time you invest into The Darkside, the easier it becomes to obtain money (Eg. Truck missions are a big helper, Initial grind and then youre set with a stable income past that, Real estate etc) If you have blown all your money dying to glitches etc , Send me a message if you see me ingame and i can help get you started (If you really have hit rock-bottom) Ultimately your best bet is the Civ questline and truck missions.
  5. Happy New Year Darkside!

    Few screenies of my own, Awesome night for us losers who didnt go out. The music was a nice touch.
  6. Christmas Donation Winners!

    LOL Just used all my luck up for the new year, Cheers Mike for setting this all up, quite the effort went into the announcement video. GG's
  7. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    I was holding off on this, But how can i give up the opportunity to take your money? A Smart Idiot
  8. M y l e Z | Montage | Humble Beginnings

  9. Farwell to a great community!

    Sorry again for abruptly ending our heli sniping session by not knowing when to pull up.
  10. Why do taxi missions always go wrong??

    Quite the donation
  11. Random Moments Compilation | Vol III

    RPG's are spooky business. All in all, Salami is just bad to patrol with honestly.
  12. Random Moments Compilation | Vol III

    Funnies start at 3:24 for those that dont want to see the montage.
  13. M y l e Z | Memetage #3

    Holy fuck i havnt laughed this much at a video in ages
  14. Frank on break

    Going for 3 damo? People might start to talk