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  1. Mike

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    you dont have any fucking feet
  2. Mike

    Clickers Video of Stuff.

    Corrected it for ya
  3. Mike

    Huntah's Battle Sleigh

    great editing paul
  4. Mike

    Mike's Adventures Episode 5

    Why would I want knee pads?
  5. Mike

    KOH Hospital Robbery

    Drinking challenge: Take a shot each time Madman metagames.
  6. Mike

    Mike's Spitfire Montage

    Mike's Spitfire Montage --------------------------------
  7. Mike

    Raging Child

    I went up to FU channel after the initial rebel north interaction, and apparently you were just laughing about this guy RDM'ing me and didn't care. I always go to rebel south to gear up if I'm playing with other gangs and can't go to clan base. I went to rebel south unarmed and geared up, got tags and it was you. I then respawned to north, geared up and tried messaging you, then logged to athira to do my hospital quest and you were near car shop. Then I fragged you at the license shop.
  8. Mike

    Raging Child

    @Hardy so because you're streaming and I found you twice in 10 minutes this automatically makes me a stream sniper?
  9. Mike

    Raging Child

    I said "hands up Hardy or die" repeatedly for a good 5 seconds aiming at you point blank. the other guy was to the far left and i did not point at him with a gun. You still didn't respond to my messages and FU told me you were just laughing about it on stream...
  10. Mike

    Raging Child

    I was rdm'd last night right infront of Hardy at rebel south and he did not do anything. I went up to FU channel and according to them he was laughing about it on stream and just found it entertaining. Messaged him but got no response.
  11. Got many other unclipped kills at the event, good kills You upgrading your PC any time soon? got a free spare i5 6700 (or 7400 will check) that ran arma about 40 - 50 frames on high settings. Used it for half a year watercooled with no problems, msg me if you want it as I don't use it anymore (motherboard needs LGA1151 socket)
  12. nah he's been on cop quite a lot recently and he's pretty good even with low fps
  13. Mike

    AMP Kills / Recruitment Video.

    Not gonna lie, this was fucking awesome.
  14. Darkside police are secretly Halo spartans I've been theorizing this for a while now I even have proof
  15. Mike

    fliqqs f u n n i e s

    Where's your staff rank
  16. Mike

    Dodgiest Robbery Gone Right

    Not cool taking advantage of new pubbies, especially in the safezone
  17. Mike


    Well I guess when someone leaks your address and then your family receives death threats it shouldn't be taken seriously. I'm just a baby right?
  18. Mike


    Very I h8 u @SCORPIOX ;(
  19. Mike


    Imagine your age was every CoSW member's age combined lmao