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  1. Mike

    Lords (Cranes)

    the bans aren't all permanent
  2. Mike

    Lynx is cooked

    thanks moderator salami
  3. Mike

    AKM Is Cooked

    Great montage
  4. Mike

    Sung Choi's first montage

  5. I credited the original creator at the top of the post you blind ranga fuck
  6. Good point, APDS penetrates armoured vehicles, and the Cyrus at close range.
  7. Here is a complete guide to the required caliber for penetrating armoured vehicles. Credit to cattegun for creating the following images. -Hunter- -Ifrit- -Strider-
  8. Mike

    Mike shooting cunts

    outplayed @1:03
  9. Mike

    Mike shooting cunts

    Got bored and smacked a few clips together to make some space for my poor 1TB HD
  10. Mike


    This is perfect
  11. Mike

    Salt was definitely in the sea that day

    Very informative,
  12. Mike

    All i can say is, This is Hardy.

    well that was pretty gay
  13. Mike

    Versa's Darkside Montage #4

    solid frags
  14. Mike

    Mike's Adventures - Tanoa Edition

    Wasn't RDM so eat my ass