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  1. Darkside Life (Mods)

    At first i was shattered by this serve including mods, but props to the dev team, after reading this you've completely changed my opinion
  2. TF GreatEscape

    Get aids
  3. TF GreatEscape

    I'm back from England now
  4. Welcome to Kavala

    Yeah I gotta say, this video seems very biased and just makes this guy look like the villain.
  5. Mike Airlines 2

  6. Mike Airlines

    black magic
  7. Mike Airlines

    never heard of it
  8. Mike Airlines

    Mike Airlines Yid's Perspective
  9. Hagis's flying capabilities

    And that folks, is why you never hand a boong a heli.
  10. Mike's Ping

    To be fair you got some pretty nutty plays with it
  11. Mike's Ping

    Get outta here boi you use spar 16 for big ops ayyyy lmao
  12. Mike's Ping

    Oh yeah, I don't think any of the staff would be happy with the remarks I made lmao...
  13. Mike's Ping

    Fuck England cunt it's aids
  14. Staff Promotions 13/1/2018

    Come on Jam, we all knew you were gonna get it lmao
  15. Hey mate Sorry to hear about your negative experience with the server. I'd suggest grabbing yourself some recording software as the staff team usually require some form of evidence to take action as it prevents falsely claiming comp or causing false bans. Here's a nice tutorial here if you're relatively new to recording software or want the best quality: I'd also suggest getting your advanced weapons license and obtaining a weapon. A Spar-16 is definitely a great weapon for civilians looking for self defence against small gangs. Try roll around with some mates or hire security to protect you while you do your stuff. Hope this helped you out