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  1. funyguy1

    Sung Choi's first montage

    Not even that good smh
  2. funyguy1

    Owners (Salacious) Montage 2

    Take a look at 1:40 and look in the killfeed, thats a feed @YiD @Salacious
  3. funyguy1

    Welcome to The Heartless Anarchists (Montage) #2

    Where the fuck is my video, scuffed Montage, if you added my video would've been 11/10 but scuffed no smh
  4. funyguy1

    Salty Children - Exposed

    My eyes are dripping
  5. funyguy1

    HA comms

    Bought a tear to my eye, bravo bravo
  6. funyguy1

    Rustle's Darkside Montage I

    Ahhh I remember 1:58 I was in backpain for the rest of the day from carrying my gang
  7. funyguy1

    DSPD | Going Undercover | Short Film

    @OPx You dumb dog
  8. funyguy1

    First day back on the force

    WTF is that scope!!! XD
  9. funyguy1

    A successful CP 3 Op turns south in an instant....

    Famous last words "Because the striders didn't blow up" *Striders blow up we all die* HA | Sung Choi Bao
  10. funyguy1

    Two Man Fort Knox semi Fail :D

    @Waffle See m9
  11. funyguy1

    Cya Damian

    Oh wow, not the mk20 kill out of a pawnee, just straight disrespecting @Damian.
  12. funyguy1


    EZ KILL http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1213552855
  13. funyguy1

    Frame targ

    2:30, is that your esp hacks?