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  1. They are younglings, we all started somewhere and I'm sure we all have notes on our account we got when we were starting, and if you didn't well then you missed out
  2. Take a look at 1:40 and look in the killfeed, thats a feed @YiD @Salacious
  3. Where the fuck is my video, scuffed Montage, if you added my video would've been 11/10 but scuffed no smh
  4. funyguy1

    HA comms

    Bought a tear to my eye, bravo bravo
  5. Ahhh I remember 1:58 I was in backpain for the rest of the day from carrying my gang
  6. Famous last words "Because the striders didn't blow up" *Striders blow up we all die* HA | Sung Choi Bao
  7. funyguy1

    Cya Damian

    Oh wow, not the mk20 kill out of a pawnee, just straight disrespecting @Damian.
  8. EZ KILL http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1213552855
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