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  1. Reaver

    Timed out to server while doing a mission

    75k has been transferred, enjoy!
  2. Reaver

    Timed out to server while doing a mission

    I'll give ya some money, I should be on shortly just leave your username as Bartender stated and I'll wire some money into ya bank.
  3. Reaver

    Nightstalker scope bug?

    It's because when you switch back to normal you have to cycle through the different modes. You will have to go to through thermal which is then recognised as disabled and therefor removes it off your gun to prevent exploiting. At least that is what I have found.
  4. Reaver

    Montage Vol II

    "Ye, fuck off" Lovely montage.
  5. Reaver

    Christmas Donation Winners!

    Redraw please
  6. Reaver

    Later Bolt

    We had It planned out so well and if he went up it would have been executed perfectly..the feels!
  7. Reaver

    Later Bolt

    Heads up for next time, before you lock the bank you MUST clear the top floor. This isn't me saying it because I'm salty you didn't go up but it's what has to happen.
  8. Reaver

    Mike's Adventures Episode 1

    The last clip when the heli just loses its blades and stays fine
  9. Reaver

    Pings In-game

    Too my knowledge, tactical pings are in Arma itself and are not coded by huntah and Luke if that makes sense.
  10. Reaver

    Random Moments Compilation | Vol III

    Nice edit man and some cheeky kills.
  11. Reaver

    Ban Request

    I myself am a Lieutenant and would just like to question this. Were you guys harassing the cop and showing no purpose just to be annoying? Were you previsouly warned? And when did this occur? Obviously you could lie about not harassing but just be fair and respond truthfully please. Cheers -Lt. Reaver
  12. Reaver

    Funny Moments #2

    Luke's singing is just on point
  13. Reaver

    Guardian | Kill Montage 7

    On that gorgon kill at the very end if you had showed 5 seconds earlier you would have found the VDM that made us stationary by the other gorgon.
  14. Reaver

    Memes and Dreams #5

    Very nice, loved the shredding of TF at the end.
  15. Reaver

    "Orcas are gay"

    Love the fucking mix, good shit as well Damian.