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  1. Funny Moments #2

    Luke's singing is just on point
  2. Drones

    Your not wrong in saying that.
  3. Russia's Alpha Group Clan base App

    The main point that everyone forgets and Scorp has repeated himself numerous times; Your gang must have the same 8 members, be a month old and be wearing tags for a month to be eligible for a clan base.
  4. Guardian | Kill Montage 7

    On that gorgon kill at the very end if you had showed 5 seconds earlier you would have found the VDM that made us stationary by the other gorgon.
  5. Memes and Dreams #5

    Very nice, loved the shredding of TF at the end.
  6. Company of Scally Wags - Thankyou

    Unfortunate to see a gang who have been around for ages have to come to these terms and disband.
  7. See ya in a while

    Best of luck and stay safe man
  8. "Orcas are gay"

    Love the fucking mix, good shit as well Damian.
  9. Martial Law

    Unreal video man, #1 meme right now.

    Fill out their application for man
  11. Farewell

    See ya man, best of luck with uni
  12. F.S Recruitment

    Best of luck for recruitment and good to see you guys decided to stay and re-create.
  13. turn down volume

    Fuck me I could never play with that lag man
  14. +1 from me. In general nice guys and have unreal prices and very quick on response time. All other crafting groups have gone inactive so would be nice to see another crafting group rise.
  15. TFO need pilot lessons

    Was a good shot man, at least we have the tokens and power to use/pull out a blackfoot and do ops.