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  1. Rick-

    hard NUT life with Frank

    Yes, It was the night before the wipe day at 2 with 16 civs on, get mad about abusing sharp shooter.
  2. Rick-

    Rick's Moments

    Just some interesting clips that I collected over the last week, enjoy.
  3. Rick-


    2000 IQ
  4. Just some clips I saved from the most recent KOS event, good fun.
  5. Rick-

    Spitfire 911

    All made in great fun, Mike confirmed It was an accident.
  6. Rick-

    KOH Hospital Robbery

    Now this is content
  7. Rick-

    Josh's time on Darkside Vol 2

    Funniest Video I have Watched
  8. Rick-


    Selfie with @HARLSTAR moments before death https://imgur.com/a/XY4VUkv
  9. Rick-

    i thought i got a tank :(

    Were you the rhino I was sneaking up behind? : <
  10. Rick-

    Taxi Missions In My Head Vs. Reality

    mmm, Flash backs from a couple wipes ago, of us going against each-other for first 2nd civ prestige. haha
  11. Rick-

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    that last clip lmfao
  12. Rick-


    This is so fucking cool
  13. Rick-

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    3:33 200IQ play by Eden
  14. Rick-

    Old Funny's video

    Haha The guy in the end clip went off at me a couple months ago for the exact same situation where I tased him at a T mission and he verbally abused me for using stun for our 6k drive back to a PD.
  15. Rick-

    Mike's Adventures - Tanoa Edition

    I miss getting t'kd in base.. Great video hahaha