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  1. Rick-

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    that last clip lmfao
  2. Rick-


    This is so fucking cool
  3. Rick-

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    3:33 200IQ play by Eden
  4. Rick-

    Old Funny's video

    Haha The guy in the end clip went off at me a couple months ago for the exact same situation where I tased him at a T mission and he verbally abused me for using stun for our 6k drive back to a PD.
  5. Rick-

    Mike's Adventures - Tanoa Edition

    I miss getting t'kd in base.. Great video hahaha
  6. Rick-

    Extremely High Packet Loss

    Update - Has fixed itself.
  7. Rick-

    Extremely High Packet Loss

    Looks like you were just getting some random lag, your at a 0% packet loss on TS. I have been averaging 25 - 50% constantly now.
  8. So, since around yesterday I have been extremely laggy on both the TS and the Arma 3 Server. I then checked my packet loss on the TS to find that I was averaging around 25%. I later found out that It is happening only on these 2 stream line servers as I checked another arma 3 server and another TS where I had 0% packet loss. Im thinking It could have something to do with the streamline server update a couple nights ago.. Any help is appreciated, cheers.
  9. Rick-


    Today the use of Tanoa's brand new 'stomper remote drones' were made useful by taking back restrained rebels to the MCU at the Blue Pearl bank. https://imgur.com/a/jm5q6jN
  10. Rick-

    WTF just happened

    Martial Law
  11. Rick-

    WTF just happened

    You do realize APDS does no additional damage to players unless they are in a vehicle/behind an object?
  12. Rick-

    The Great Escape

    ..... i dont want to go there haha. For those who are wondering.... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1359767154 DEJA VU
  13. Rick-

    The Great Escape

    This was gold. Feel bad for Cody though. Was a very long chase