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  1. Joel Whitelist CIV app

    +1 Staff vote Can vouch for this gents RP, seen him around heaps. Keep it up mate.
  2. Braxton Civ Whitelist app

    Good to see some old members coming back || WL CIV APP APPROVED Make sure you read through all the WL civ rules on forum/map screen, and use the correct tags when joining the WL slots
  3. Meme Page

    Still best town in Altis.
  4. Mike's Darkside Kill Montage 2

    I see you've been taking a few pointers from the master eh? kekekekekekek Good shit dude !
  5. Galactic Codex - Civ Whitelist app

    || Approved Make sure you read up on all the White-list civilian rules and use the correct tags in-game. [Mechanic] or [Medic].
  6. Dedicated Staff Positions

    Show me the ways of the compensation.
  7. Help Desk & Staff Promotions September 2017

    Congrats all on promotions! So keen to get down and dirty in this new role cheers for the opportunity so soon! Any new helpdesk, dont be afraid to ask any questions you may have! Im always available to be pestered
  8. Old School Videos

    Most these are just funny voice clips.
  9. Screenshots

    Took this snap when I was doing my recording for the Darkside trailer vid
  10. DEVGRU / veryFAST recruitment

    Oh boy. Best of luck in the field gents.
  11. Frank Ocean - Whitelist Civ App

    +1 Staff vote || Approved! || Make sure you read up on all the whitelist civilian rules and use the correct tags in-game before you play!
  12. Help Desk Applications Round 7!

    Best of luck to all applicants!!
  13. Montage Volume I

    Good stuff man. What specs you running on your PC?
  14. Keep An Eye On Your VTOL...

    This section of the forums is for 'Video Sharing'. All I see here is screenshots. Please post in the appropriate area, thanks.
  15. TFO Pawnee aimbot

    Just when people put TFO in the title for more views ^.^