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  1. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    Hunterz gravitational pull around his head attracts all the lynx rounds Thanks They take fkn ages to make
  2. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    Hey, Hi, Hello Another dose of memes heading your way! This one is a little lengthy, but on the plus side I have used all my old clips I had banked away for ages (mixed in with a heap of new ones) Anyone that says anything too over the line was punished as a heads up. Enjoy
  3. Hagis's flying capabilities

    HAHAHAHA you fully Seth Shadowed that approach haggis. I can smell the full tilt from here.
  4. Staff Promotions 13/1/2018

    Fucking yeet! Congrats bois! Any new helpdesks just hit me up if you have questions.
  5. M y l e Z | Memetage #4 | Darkside Life

    Don't need Ukas approval cheers brudda
  6. M y l e Z | Memetage #4 | Darkside Life

    You're singing would of ruined the whole video Cops OP my dude Didnt you listen to that other guy? @3:11
  7. Two videos in 2 weeks! M y l e Z has gone mad!?!?!?! Nah not really, but here is another top quality watch for those that enjoy Funnies! A lot of the clips in this Memetage were old, and meant to be used in a Saltage, but I have since discontinued the Saltage and decided to make it into one video from now on! So enjoy Cheers to @A Smart Idiot & @Luke for the help on my video
  8. M y l e Z | Montage | Humble Beginnings

    I don't condone thread revives. But thank you regardless
  9. Help Desk Applications - 2/1/2018

    Good luck yo all applicants!
  10. Christmas Donation Winners!

    It's ok Travis, always next year my dude I'll shout you a halal snack pack to cheer you up
  11. Fight for Right | Montage | M y l e Z

    Cheers brudda
  12. Fight for Right | Montage | M y l e Z

    Cheers lads for the support! Saltage coming soon!
  13. It has been a while since I have uploaded a video. So this time we get a smooth montage! Made my own rendition but a montage, hope you guys enjoy it! Gonna have another video following up on this one, but will either be a Funnies/Saltage. Cheers guys! And merry christmas = u like my video
  14. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    M y l e Z Cheers mate!
  15. M y l e Z | Montage | Humble Beginnings

    @CuckyRedge No idea. Haven't even got the slightest idea of what type of vid I even wanna make. Montage, Funnies, Coptage, or everyones favourite.. a Saltage lmao.