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    A Final Farewell to Darkside

    That's a pretty bold claim to make


    I thought you took your nappies and bottle and left this community?


    How unfortunate it must be for you when you hear that The Darkside is 100% kiwi owned

    Loading screen sound card issue

    I have an MSI GE62 6QD laptop that I run Arma 3 on sometimes and its fine for me, that's using Nahimic version 1.2.7 Never had any issues with it, nahimic can be a pain though

    Mithzaron Borat - Teaser - Coming Soon

    Lol.. because they have nothing better to do now than complain and report shit.

    Being farmed by TBE

    So could other clans if they get declared on whenever they are seen around doing shit.

    Being farmed by TBE

    @Aironax have you and @Tempest read the negative gameplay rules? We have rules in place to prevent or punish if this kind of toxicity happening... any clan that makes career out of picking on civs doing legal shit generally get a pretty bad reputation around here, and if it is consistent they can very easily lose their base. If you think the abuse is going too far or they are deliberately picking on new players then get evidence.. screenshots, recordings and take them to helpdesk, player abuse is not tolerated here. BUT if all of this is happening in red zones or around combat thats just the nature of this server, you can do trucking/fuel/heli/taxi (both land and sea taxi missions) to make safe legal money.. people generally leave you alone while doing this. Have a read of this rule of your wondering what is considered negative gameplay:

    Mithzaron Borat - Teaser - Coming Soon

    1. I assume he blocked him because he has no defence.. how can you look at TFO with their Quest line and capturable KOS, among alot of other things and say its not straight ripped off from us.. come on you cant be that ignorant. 2. We can confidently say we made and modelled our server in a unique way with a shitload of original content and we were the first to coin the term "combat roleplay" because of the way our server slowly turned out over the past 4 years. They started theirs, copied our model and called themselves "combat roleplay" also.. look at gametracker.. it's right there.. about 70 ranks below us. ? 3. TFO have had some of their own staff members leave for this very reason over there, (and it's only early days) lol. 4. This is that "sheep" mentality.. let me guess. You watched a video made by TFO and developed your opinion based on that? Either that or you got rekt by us and you're salty. 5. Luke was hardly a "main" coder.. yes he helped but Huntah had to fix alot of his fuckups. Btw I havnt seen much "developement" on their server.. unless you call copying scripts and changing it slightly "developing". 6. All in all this is a big HAHA to TFO.. they started this behaviour with their smear campaign and posting that video everywhere.. including on the mods pages on steam and the gametracker pages, pathetic.. lol Your just white knighting for TFO while the rest of us are sitting back laughing at their attempt to make a cheap knockoff of our community.. what has all this effort got them? A server pop of a huge 18 people 90% of the time. And most of them are afk staff there to keep their player count 1 person higher ?. Also.. neither Huntah or myself have asked anyone to do anything derogatory towards them, and we have nothing to do with this video.. this is just what happens when you copy a community and steal their original content, the older members, and some newer ones here see right through that, obviously your being a sheep listening to Luke's gospel on how "every life server has these features".. like you have all forgotten when Huntah added these things and how new and revolutionary they were to life servers (Quests changed the entire game), seems like you have all been brainwashed and conditioned to believe it's acceptable for TFO to blatantly copy our shit, and then somehow believe they haven't been copying when you guys were here when it was an Arma life first.. Sheep logic ?

    Can't connect to server (Server not responding)

    They did just upgrade their services and have had some issues with lag and connectivity but as far as we know everything is sorted for now..they did say they will be doing tweaks all week so hopefully it comes right, can you connect to the Darkside Interactive fine or do you have problems there too?

    Can't connect to server (Server not responding)

    do you still have this issue?

    Extremely High Packet Loss

    I contacted Streamline yesterday about the issues and they had a look into it and changed some things which seems to have fixed a majority of the issues, however they did say: "Please let us know if you experience any further network issues as we will be making further tweaks all week." So if anyone continues to have connectivity issues that aren't ping related let us know so we can inform Streamline.

    Server events

    These last couple of events have been pretty awesome so i decided to make a couple of videos out of them Not your everyday perspective, hope you enjoy. The Armed Caesar event The BattleShip OMG Scorpiox uploaded a video of him using esp!! ?

    Building System Issues.

    You are not allowed to build within 300m of any scripted event area (see examples for areas). Scripted event areas include but are not limited to: Police departments, Security HQs, hostage areas, rebel outposts, the Darkside National Bank, the jail, the Tanoa Research Facility, Fort Knox, the Tanoa Power/EMP Station, drug/mineral fields, gang hideouts, and hospitals. could any of those be the issue?