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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------- 'Why can't I join any other channels in Teamspeak!??' -------------------------------------------------------------- -> To join other channels in Teamspeak you must be signed up to this forum. <- -> Then when you have signed up, message a staff member (Helpdesk, Mod, Admin) on Teamspeak with your URL to your account and they will be sure to get you added. <- -> When you have been assigned to the 'Member' server group, you will be able to join other channels. <- Just clearing it up as there are a lot of posts, hopefully this will make it easier on how to join other channels. Teamspeak address: ts.thedarksidegames.com:10004
  2. Wasaiki - Unban Appeal

  3. Meme Page

    I have already sorted this shit out. for the rest of you, i went into their TS channel and had a chat with their owner.. its not them making the Teamspeak channels it is their playerbase, they haven't copied anything from us directly but it is their community that are copying our clans, i explained to them that this is why they were getting hate from us and that's why they changed the name of some of their clans.. ie "The Devils Number" there is no need to hate on them for this shit so please refrain from trolling them and creating a problem.
  4. Meme Page

    None of our admins would be immature enough to join your Teamspeak and threat to DDOS your community, they know better than that as this is something we take very seriously in our community. and if i hear about anyone doing such things they will be punished accordingly
  5. Meme Page

    lmfao Founders: [666] Adam [666] Jordy Veterans [666] Bloodngutz @Bloodngutz what a bunch of losers, so original
  6. Meme Page

    lmfao just a bunch of pathetic wannabes
  7. Meme Page

    nah its been more than 24 hours, its fair game
  8. Screenshots

    ... Forever pub cop
  9. FizZe on break

    Oh yeah.. ok fair point. I dont pay attention to that shit.. in that case... What he said ^^ Lol.
  10. FizZe on break

    I think making this post is fine @FizZe.. I doubt any of these guys will remember you messaging them after 6 weeks when it comes to demotions and promotions.
  11. FizZe on break

    Took me forever to stop trying to put the square peg in the round hole.. I got there eventually though
  12. Ban Appeal Bobby

    I was involved in this decision, i also told Ninja to reply. that warning was this year, as you can see that was in February, do another ban appeal in a few months and we will review it. Other than that you did it before, you did it again, so chances are it will keep happening.
  13. Lol I've seen some funny bans in my time.. this has to be one of the funniest
  14. Meme Page

    That or the fact he took a shot to the head and just got up and looked at you like nothing happened