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  1. it does seem that the server and TS have gone down, its not just you, if you lost anything because of this and have evidence put a post in the compensation section ( http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/forum/72-compensation-requests/ )
  2. SoV | Razor

    name change

    chuck a post up in this thread and it will be done when the next round of name changes are done
  3. SoV | Razor

    When handing your self in goes wrong

    That being said id imagine that is in regards to out in the field. Personally would take the arrest over the kill stat.
  4. SoV | Razor

    When handing your self in goes wrong

    Thought the rule was police were not ment to execute people....? handing himself in think a proper arrest should of been the correct procedure?
  5. SoV | Razor


    What country are you from and whats your connection like, we have a ping limit, over 300 or 400 ping it will auto kick you. This could be the reason.
  6. SoV | Razor

    Just got kicked and lost all my gear

    Got kicked or because a hacker made a mess of things, which is the reason for your post??? That being said, in these situations if you have sufficient evidence such as a recording showing the event that caused your death to a hacker/glitch/RDM/VDM you can put a post in the compensation thread. http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/forum/72-compensation-requests/
  7. SoV | Razor

    (FU) Razor RDM

    delt with in game issues
  8. SoV | Razor

    Darkside APD at it's finest.

    If this is going to be a thing, 1 or 2 officers raiding when they think its quiet then i think the rules surrounding faction raiding might have to be different from the normal raiding rules especially if they must hold it for 15 minutes.
  9. SoV | Razor

    The Average CP 1 Pub Cop

    Being in the plain black hatchback prob didn't help. Maybe take away the plain black hatch for sec like it was for cop.
  10. SoV | Razor

    Blackfoot Broke Have a nice day

    Got us at a moment where we were concentrating on somthing else. We had already taken down a couple pawnee's and an orca. Also a little video of somthing that happened before.
  11. Correct me if im mistaken but dont think it automatically does it if they are in a vehicle. Just gotta make a note of it and contact someone or go to game issues to get the matter taken care of.
  12. SoV | Razor

    10/10 Pilots

    Pretty sure that was the chopper that flew over us when you had just dropped a car bomb at the airfield.......
  13. SoV | Razor

    Where is my 1 mil at razer?

    1st.... It's Razor.... 2nd it was jail that you needed to defuse but nice try.
  14. SoV | Razor


    If you can take a screenshot of you restraining them and them logging off or if you can a recording then with your cellphone message admins telling them they did and provide their name and inform that you have evidence.
  15. SoV | Razor

    Changing forum display name

    I would like to change my name on the forum. Is there a way to do this or do i need to create a new profile?