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  1. Wasaiki - Unban Appeal

    @BigBoi ban appeals are for admins and the person appealing their ban. Please refrain from posting in them.
  2. Razor Donation

    ingame name: [FU] Razor Amount: $30 (3 month Bronze please) Transaction ID: 6MY96447R2810091K UID: 76561198006185011
  3. Farmer's Union maybe looking for you

    @Ben King @Dazza sorry but we are not recruiting right now
  4. Darkside APD at it's finest.

    If this is going to be a thing, 1 or 2 officers raiding when they think its quiet then i think the rules surrounding faction raiding might have to be different from the normal raiding rules especially if they must hold it for 15 minutes.
  5. The Average CP 1 Pub Cop

    Being in the plain black hatchback prob didn't help. Maybe take away the plain black hatch for sec like it was for cop.
  6. Blackfoot Broke Have a nice day

    Got us at a moment where we were concentrating on somthing else. We had already taken down a couple pawnee's and an orca. Also a little video of somthing that happened before.
  7. Down Time

    @tomjedi9 Its still altis. We have been to tanoa and come back. With a community our size we need the larger map along with a list of other reasons.
  8. Laws of war truck medic

    Just to add to the greater fee. If it starts costing too much people that dont have much money will not request medics. Also if they are a great distance from a hospital then the time to drive out there and back would take forever, for that to work more hospitals would need to be added and if they could be robbed then thats more for the police to deal with which right now with the amount of things that can be done already. it would become overwhelming during peak times.
  9. Farmer's Union maybe looking for you

    Jump into the barn dance when you see one of the senior members on (one with a chennel admin tag) and have a chat.
  10. Farmer's Union maybe looking for you

    @DeeJai when your on next Ashton was with us on sunday and is interested in joining
  11. Vatts whitelist

    Help desk +1 see vatt around a lot, if hes as active on WL civ as he is normally then be good to have him on Medic and Mechanic.
  12. If you have a closer look their tag is TRF
  13. Help Desk Results - July 2017

    Thank you for this opportunity
  14. 7.62 silencer for security

    Awesome, thanks heaps.
  15. Wondering if it would be possible to get the 7.62 silencer so those who have the quest and can get the ak12 can get a silencer for it?