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  1. Nectole

    Mike's Adventures Episode 1

    Oo free advertising , i love it
  2. Nectole

    Old School Videos

    Back when nuta was around ahah... always made me laugh these 2.
  3. Nectole

    "Orcas are gay"

    @ZrMz_x POV
  4. Nectole

    The Fallen Order | M y l e Z | Moments & Memes

    Bed dibble is bek with his farts ahahaha (11:30)
  5. Nectole

    turn down volume

    Getting embarrassed publically on the forums, that's what he deserves and bloody more lol.
  6. Nectole

    Operation "The Fallen Orangutans"

    Restart war, restart war, restart war ! Just like the old days
  7. Nectole

    MrBartender - Darkside Moments 26

    Oo sounds dangerous.... make sure you have commando pro equipped
  8. Nectole

    MrBartender - Darkside Moments 26

    After the intro i was preparing my self to witness a 360, host migration no scope off a crane on Highrise ahaha.. nice editing, reminds me of the mw2 days
  9. Nectole

    Darr rocketing a plane

    Meh.... good for TDA quality
  10. Nectole


    Done.. Welcome
  11. Nectole

    LOST GANG!!!!

    Role play starts with the players, you usually have some time to rp during some scripted events.. For example last night on cop, I was processing a certain criminal at fortknox via the MCU and while typing out his charges I was hot micin in game and you could hear me bashin down on my keyboard ... He then asked what is that noise (he sounded a little to young for combat aha), I then went with the rp and claimed it was my first day responding to a Fort Knox robbery and that I was very nervous which has caused me to shiver causing a noise with my teeth... lol Idk simple rp like that can help improve the overall experience.. But I do agree that the rp has improved a lot since the early days of the server.
  12. Nectole

    When you think you can fly

    I would get the worse headache playing with that fps ..... fuckkk
  13. Nectole

    Farewell TFO, Here's a gift!

    ???? Aahah
  14. Nectole


    All done... Welcome
  15. Nectole

    A Sneak Peak of an Arma Movie

    Yea bro definitely smooth it out for your next vids I almost spewed out my tzatziki combo gyro.. nice musica tho