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  1. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Back at it again with the capitals lol
  2. Mike's Adventures Episode 1

    Oo free advertising , i love it
  3. Old School Videos

    Back when nuta was around ahah... always made me laugh these 2.
  4. "Orcas are gay"

    @ZrMz_x POV
  5. No, I joined and left instantly
  6. HAHA fuck good memory. All I remember was lagging out at kavala port in b4 disconnecting. @Nick Gerrs
  7. When I first bought Arma years back, i really liked the idea of a life simulation. My first server I randomly joined was another atlis life server which was super laggy (probs straya xd). Due to the lag, I left quite quickly and hobbled my way to set home in another lowish pop server at the time called Darkside. All I can say is now thank fuck that server was laggy HBD Darkside !
  8. The Fallen Order | M y l e Z | Moments & Memes

    Bed dibble is bek with his farts ahahaha (11:30)
  9. turn down volume

    Getting embarrassed publically on the forums, that's what he deserves and bloody more lol.
  10. Operation "The Fallen Orangutans"

    Restart war, restart war, restart war ! Just like the old days
  11. MrBartender - Darkside Moments 26

    Oo sounds dangerous.... make sure you have commando pro equipped
  12. MrBartender - Darkside Moments 26

    After the intro i was preparing my self to witness a 360, host migration no scope off a crane on Highrise ahaha.. nice editing, reminds me of the mw2 days
  13. Darr rocketing a plane

    Meh.... good for TDA quality
  14. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Why not
  15. Teamspeak

    Done.. Welcome