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  1. The Family is recruiting

    Accepted, you are starting as a trial and I hope to see you around. As for now if you don't see anyone on just start making money and gaining weapons. If you ever see us up in the other channels just message us and we will drag you up.
  2. The Family is recruiting

    Just a couple of questions: How active will you be? How many hours on Arma III do you have? Will you participate in operations (e.g. Fort Knox, Bank, hospitals, etc)? Also don't worry about your anxiety, we are all a close friendly bunch of people.
  3. We are currently recruiting!
  4. New cop type (Discuss)

    1) Would they be in the same TS3 channels or would they be seperate? 2) How would you obtain this? Would you need to apply for it like whitelist cop or just need a certain amount of hours, like public cop? 3) Would the smaller crimes that were meant for patrol officers be based on the ratio of the 'Patrol Officers' or the 'Whitelist cop' ratio? But otherwise I think this would be a good idea especially for when the numbers pick up. And if it doesnt seem to work, you can always remove it.
  5. turn down volume

    Every time he would finish his 'duh dah du du dah du dah dah du dah, dah' I thought he would be done but he just kept going..
  6. TFO need pilot lessons

    This was gr9! hahahshashdah
  7. Fluke or Skill

    Actually no, Guardian is private property of The Family, dont even try it.
  8. Gg all round boys! Also well done to FU taken us at the end.
  9. Fluke or Skill

    No.. you shot me while I was trying to unrestrain the hostage I was right infront of him and not in a Strider..
  10. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Congratulations guys!! Enjoy
  11. Its been a great run, thank you all!

    Aw sad to see you go @Syn Say hi to life for me.. nah but hope everything goes well, cya dude.
  12. Help Desk Results - July 2017

    Awesome job guys, well deserved and cant wait to see people being pumped out of help desk like a factory!
  13. Cops Vs Rebels Event (30th - June - 2017)

    Yes thats what he said. Aint no special auction going through on my watch!!
  14. Ooooohhh yeeeeeeee Cant wait should be heaps of fun
  15. Rad's Radical Sniping Montage #3

    Rad video! (100% original) Nah but for real those were some sick shots, that fake being dead with ammo near you was a good meme.